With the blessings of my Guru and Mentor, iam able to write this article. His light and motivation made me capable to absorb some of this divine science. In this article iam discussing about the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius sign starting Jan 26 2017.

Following points will be discussed in this article:

1. Understanding Saturn and dealing with it.

2. End of the knot / Gandanta and spiritual progress via Abhukta Mula.

3. Understanding Sagittarius sign and Saturn transit through it.

4. Journey of Saturn through Mula and Poorvashadha nakshatras/ lunar mansions and how this journey will encourage your soul towards karma.

5. Sade saati of Saturn!, why scared ? Let’s harness the power of sade saati.

6. Transit of Saturn over Sagittarius in your birth chart- a quick review.

7. Holistic perspective – Ayurvedic view, chakras the energy portals, balancing with yoga and hand mudras.

8. Pleasing Saturn –some remedies and keys to pacify Saturn and get its blessings.

1. UNDERSTANDING SATURN AND DEALING WITH IT : most among us are always in a thought that Saturn is a malefic planet . It is responsible for troubles, hardships in our life. Diseases,disappointments are all given by Saturn. Well this is what we see from material point of view. Actually Saturn is the king maker , Saturn is fair justice, fruits of hard work , discipline, spirituality, meditation, dark side of truth, strict teacher, unlike Jupiter Saturn reveals all secrets to his students who work hard . Dealing with Saturn is like doing your soul detoxification. Understanding your karma towards others, living in discipline, fair justice with others, working hard without expecting the results, helping diseased and poor people. Working slowly at right pace and efficiently. Developing these habits within you can do complete soul detoxification and making you as precious gold. Saturn also beats you up like a strict teacher who makes pure gold out of a piece of rock. So rather that complaining, we should be thankful to Saturn for making us and our souls purest.

2. END OF THE KNOT / GANDANTA AND SPIRITUAL PROGRESS VIA ABHUKTA MULA : Saturn in Sagittarius is towards the end of gandanta ( spiritual knot). Gand means knot and anta means in the end part. It represents the spiritual knot which needs to be opened in the end to get great spiritual powers. Gandanta happens between consecutive fiery and watery signs. A planet in gandanta will need more effort to understand the role of that planet in your life. You definitely need a spiritual guru to help you open the gandanta knot. Gandanta will be over after 00.48” Sagittarius. This move of Saturn from Scorpio (watery) to Sagittarius (fiery) is very immense. This degree range is also called “Abhukta Mula” . Abhukta Mula means never used potential of soul due to some karmic blockage. Mula means root, this indicate our deep rooted potentials which need to be expressed. This degree is like bringing precious pearls/ spiritual secrets from the depth of Scorpio and using it on the path of dharma/spirituality of Sagittarius. Coming up on the surface from depth of Scorpio is a tough task and we might feel lost at some point. Similarly in our everyday life, we resist the changes coming in our life. This can make your life more miserable. I suggest being patient and allowing your soul for spiritual transformation.

3. UNDERSTANDING SAGITTARIUS AND SATURN TRANSIT OVER IT: Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign. Jupiter rules Sagittarius sign. In kaal purush kundali /chart, it represents the house of dharma, luck, guru, pilgrimage travels. Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, and expansion of knowledge. It is symbolically represented by half man and half horse which is holding a bow arrow. This is also called celestial archer. This celestial archer indicates the wisdom of power of horse to walk continuously on path of dharma and spiritual target with precision. When Saturn transit through Sagittarius sign, it goes into the jurisdiction of guru where Saturn has to reveal knowledge for you. Even though Saturn is a hard worker and Jupiter is a great knowledge, we always feel some missing gaps/voids in our learning of life. This relates to the story of Jupiter and Saturn where Saturn was student of Jupiter and purposely Jupiter didn’t reveal the keys of the subjects to Saturn. Later demon guru Venus taught Saturn about the keys of subject. Since then there is an incompleteness felt in our life during this transit or natal placement. To fill the knowledge gaps, we should pacify Jupiter by respecting teachers, gurus;donating books to needy etc. this will bring expansion to our knowledge and various areas of life.

4. JOURNEY OF SATURN THROUGH “MULA” AND “PURVA ASHADHA” NAKSHATRAS/LUNAR MANSIONS AND HOW THIS JOURNEY ENCOURAGE OUR SOUL TOWARDS KARMA : starting Sagittarius , Saturn will enter into “ Mula” nakshatra. Mula means “Root”. Root here indicates our responsibilities, spirituality. Stronger roots give good spiritual growth. This nakshatra is influenced by goddess “niritti”. Niritti is about destruction of materialistic things and growing spirituality over it. Due to destructive nature of niritti, natives of Mula tend to acquire these traits and some time they destruct their own roots, suffer for long time and start from scratch again to stand strong.

a. Saturn will first have to enter in Aries pada 00.00” to 3.20” Sagittarius of Mula nakshatra. Aries is debilitated sign of Saturn. Here karmic pressure is high because this pada lies in gandanta degree and this stretch of 00.00” to 00.48” is called Abhukta Mula, where karmic intensity is the highest. We should be very patient during this time and take decisions wisely. Those who have natal planets in this degree range will experience more intense karmic experiences.

b. Taurus pada 3.20” to 6.40”. Here Saturn will feel better and start grounding itself to make a base for next Padas. You will get some time to collect yourself, develop your roots of responsibilities and start moving towards spiritual path.

c. Gemini pada 6.40” to 10.00”. Gemini is all about ideas,communication. Saturn here will motivate us to start thinking more clearly about our priorities. Confusion will diminish and you can see way towards progress. But overthinking can be destructive, so try not to overdo it.

d. 10.00” to 13.20” cancer pada. When Saturn passes through cancer pada, it becomes a part of water flow. Water changes its shape according to surroundings. Same way Saturn becomes ready to change. Also this pada is “ashtamamsha” which means big change. You can expect some immediate change in your daily routines.

Next comes purva ashadha nakshatra : 13.20” to 26.40 Sagittarius .” purva” means first and “ ashadha” means the qualities which cannot be suppressed . Purva ashadha is a great nakshatra for both material and spiritual growth as both gurus Jupiter (Sagittarius lord) and Venus (nakshatra lord) give sense of balance in spirituality and materialism. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing for natives to keep balance because both Venus and Jupiter have opposite opinions.

Eventually purva ashadha helps to express the real hidden potential of people.

a. When Saturn enters in Leo pada, due to Leo nature, sense of righteousness develop here. Saturn gives better judgement regarding spiritual journey. Your enlightenment is in growing phase here.

b. When Saturn enters in 2nd pada Virgo: it is again a neutral phase of Saturn where it makes you think twice, analyze and then accept any changes coming ahead.

c. When Saturn enters in 3rd pada Libra: it is an exalted sign of Saturn. Saturn comes into its full judgement position where it will create opportunity to finish your pending karmas of soul. This is a “pushkar “navamsha thus it turns the track towards more benefic development of karmic expression.

d. When Saturn will enter in Scorpio pada: this pada is a tougher pada for spiritual growth. Scorpio is darkness like a black hole which can suck up anything and gets lost in darkness. We need to be careful in this pada as it will confuse you and hinder the growth of soul and here we need to use our past experiences which we gained from different Padas of Mula nakshatra and purva ashadha. Using past experiences will help to cross the pada of darkness. After Saturn has crossed the degrees of Scorpio pada, you will realize the transformation within yourself.

Another foot step of Saturn after travelling 4 Padas of purva ashadha is entering into “Uttara ashadha”nakshatra. Here Saturn will enter into first pada of Uttara ashadha.

This pada is rewarding pada for all ups and downs we have gone through. Saturn here will be very comfortable and gives a great exposure to philosophical thinking and spiritual development. More important is that, this pada is vargottama and pushkara as well.

5. SADE SAATI OF SATURN! WHY SCARED? LETS HARNESS THE POWER OF SADE SAATI : most among us are scared of Sade saati . But actually Sade saati is a detox mode of our soul.

Technically Sade saati starts when Saturn is one house before your natal moon. Distance between natal moon and transiting Saturn should be 45 degree. When Saturn passes right over the natal moon at exact degree, it travels further 45 degree from moon to next house. Saturn spends 2.5 years in one sign, since there are 3 houses involved in total, it becomes Sade saati of 7.5 years long. Sade saati gives different results, up and downs during this period.

This time, those who have Capricorn moon, Sade saati will begin.

This Sade saati will be an opportunity to learn great wisdom, using it practically and then sharing experiences of wisdom in last phase of Sade saati.

When Saturn will be in Sagittarius, it will bring the motivation towards dharma and arising a spiritual warrior in you. This warrior keeps fighting against all evils within us. When Saturn will pass over moon in Capricorn, it will be immense and might create some turbulence. Your spirituality needs to be more constructive and disciplined. Next last phase of Sade saati will be Aquarius sign which will motivate your soul to share your experiences with community, becoming more detached and moving towards enlightenment.

Harnessing the Sade saati means to release stubbornness, ego, and impatience and becoming neutral. Then you will be able to see the positive effects of Saturn and how it is helping us to improve and being a better human being. I have discussed some more ways to get into harmony with Saturn in later part of this article.


a. If moon is in Sagittarius, it will be an immense situation where you may develop a fear of losing your spirituality and materialism. Wise decisions are needed as “Mula” can be self-destructive sometimes.

b. If sun is in Sagittarius, it will bring righteousness of sun and deep spirituality of Saturn together. If natal sun is not well placed, it can create ego issues.

c. If mars in Sagittarius then: mars is all about motivation and working beyond the limits. Saturn has tendency to squeeze and set limit. Mars may find hindrance in expressing its talent and energy. This can be reflected as anger problems with near dears.

d. If mercury is in Sagittarius: mercury is all about communication and ideas. Mercury here wants to express their ideas to outer world without even using past learned experiences. Saturn transit will teach here to use power of experience otherwise insecurity and uncertainty will persist.

e. If natal Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter is knowledge, wisdom. Saturn will bring a sense of moving toward dharma and spirituality. This can be negative from materialistic point of view. Your soul will want to leave the family and work responsibilities and move to spirituality whereas Saturn is a hard worker, it will motivate your soul to work hard along with spiritual progress. This can be a situation of imbalance and inner war between spiritual progress and material world.

f. If natal is Venus in Sagittarius: Venus is perfection, regeneration. Saturn is the disciple of Venus. Saturn will support Venus to up bring the hidden art in you by discipline and hard work.

g. If natal Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn when transit over own natal position, it will be a great opportunity to learn an invaluable lesson of life. You will learn how to use past experiences and develop sense of responsibility to move forward.

h. If natal rahu in Sagittarius: rahu is unpredictable. Rahu is doorway to destiny. Rahu tries to make us go around zig zag path to reach our destiny and also confuse mind at times to test our determination. Saturn transit here cooperates with rahu but at same time we should learn to direct the rahu energy towards higher self. Guidance of spiritual yogic guru is recommended. Passing of Saturn over exact natal degree of rahu also brings some big karmic episode.

i. Ketu in Sagittarius: ketu is spirituality, detachment. Saturn transit over ketu makes us dragged towards deep spirituality. It is more in a constructive and organized way. Ketu is also guilt feeling in us. Guilt feeling can hinder in uplifting of our soul. Here also I suggest to follow spiritual guru for upliftment of your soul.


A. Ayurvedic view : Sagittarius is a fiery sign and Saturn is vatakaraka( airy). Fire of Sagittarius bring good vitality, blood circulation, resistance to diseases and self healing power. Where as Saturn transit over it will give creativity and efficient mental capabilities. But remember , due to stronger thought process, you can start over working & overdoing the routine work. This can make you feel tired many times.

B. Chakras the energy portals : Sagittarius represent “swadishthana/sacral chakra”. Saturn represent“mooldhara/root chakra”. Swadishthana is all about creativity , passions, desires etc. root chakra is all about grounded energies , discipline, sense of security, fears. During Saturn transit , it will give you sense of security , direction and discipline to your creativity, passion, will bring our excess desires and passions into a balance by supplying grounding root energy patterns to Sagittarius sign.

If Jupiter and Saturn are not in balance in natal positions, they also result in imbalance of their respective chakras. We should bring our chakras in balance by doing hand mudras of Jupiter and Saturn. Chanting of Jupiter and Saturn mantras will help to heal chakras. Jupiter: Om gran gree groun sah guruve namah.

Saturn: Om pram preem praum sah shanicharaya namah. All yogic asana, mudras should be performed under the expert teacher.


1. chanting Saturn mantra daily.

2. Helping poor people, homeless people.

3. Donating walking canes, wheel chairs to handicapped.

4. Paying fair wages to workers.

5. Observing silence and deep meditation at least once a day.

6. Going to Shani temple on Saturdays and donating mustard oil, urad dal.

7. Yogic breathing, nadi shodhana are also helpful in observing meditation. Doing all or any of above remedies of Saturn will help to balance Saturn energy within you.