as i told before that astrology is not a religion , its a life style, you can bring hapiness in life by doing these simple remedies in everyday life

  1. before going to bed always pray to lord of earth and sky to make your sleep and dreams benefic for you .
  2. when wake up in morning pray them as thanks to give you another day to live
  3. if you have elders at home then touch their feet or take their blessings, this will make your sun stronger to help you succeed in all fields
  4. for good study pray saraswati idol and set free birds in cage
  5. when go to temple touch pujari feet and take blessings, will help you financially, marriedlife and more!
  6. for sports playing people can pray lord hanumanji everyday
  7. if you feel sad or depressed then offer water to shivlingam on monday and think your depession is drained in this water and you start feeling better.
  8. feed cows for better relationship with your spouse and getting luxury in life
  9. if you have legal problems then pray shani dev and apologize your bad karma and get your life in discipline and helping poor and honesty, you will soon come out of legal problems
  10. start any work by taking name of lord ganesha


these simple remedies in everyday life can give you more hapiness ,besides these remedies we provide you with detailed and specific remedies related to your problem creating planet in your horoscope.

those remedies includes donations to charity institutions,gem therapy,powerfull mantra therapy, important days and dates to start a work or launching a project, colors,how to convince your lover for marrige, tips to win in a situation,yantras of different kinds ranging from study career to marrige , children, business, finance , love , court cases etc.

these all remedies are vedic and nothing to do with black magic so no side effects either!!