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we are dedicated to go indepth of astrology facts and find the truth  by using all tools made by our saints and mentioned in granths, by using the knowledge of precious books written hundreds of year back we are able to pin point the facts and incidents going to happen in an indivisuals life.we  feel lucky that we have collection of such old precious books which is in itself an invaluable property! also all research done by me is based on true fact and not just by what authors write in their books!

its a sad part of astrologers that some astrologers now days trying to make serious money out of this proffession by wrong ways , for example prescribing gemstones for a problem like finance or love but other side they dont care about the drawbacks of those stones that might be benefic love or finance wise but may be harmfull health wise!!



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for thousands of years astrology science is developed in various parts of world, it is all based on planetry calculations which derives from formulas and no guess work, i have heard people saying that " i dont believe in astrology "  but actually they dont believe in particular astrologer  who might calculated their data wrong and so interpreted  their birth analysis wrong too !! another reason is that if a customer doesnt provide right data even then astrologer wont be able to tell accurately.

astrology is divine science and it comes with tough practice and deep study, its called as JYOT- ISH ( jyotish)  "JYOT" means a lamp of light and "ISH" means ishwar ( GOD ). so its a light of god being given to mankind to make their life disciplined and smooth and the way to reach the house of god after this life cycle.m


a lot of fake babas , fake astrologers , with little or no knowledge of the subject are in the market and trying to rob the innocent people , if some one challange and say that  his work is 100 percent  with guarrentee that means he is going to make huge money and brainwash of the person, in that case person start doing blind faith and ends up losing big money , in astrology you can not guarentee any thing yet we can pin point the incidents based on calculations, more accurate data from the person , more precise calculation an astrologer can do!!


i often find people asking me that " in my religion we dont like to follow astrology" but i tell you my friends , astrology is not related to any religion  in this world , its a life style!! every religion has a touch of astrology some where but they adopted in their life style !!