Aldebaram (alpha tauri)

With all respect and gratitude , iam presenting this article in the lotus feet of my mentor and guru.

In this article I will discuss about following points :

  1. Meaning of ROHINI nakshatra and its cosmic address.

  2. Deity of Rohini / Lord Brahma and role of Saraswati goddess.

  3. Physical representation of Brahma and its meaning.

  4. Sign and planetary ruler associated and their impact on our life

  5. Symbolic representation and application.

  6. Puranic story – birth of lord Krishna

  7. Sacred animal and its reflection in Rohini natives.

  8. Holistic / Ayurvedic point of view.

  9. Purushartha / motivation of Rohini .

  10. Different planets in Rohini nakshatra.

  11. Padha system of precise analysis

  12. Famous people born in this nakshatra.


  1. Meaning of rohini and its cosmic address:  Rohini means red color, red cow/ Kama- dhenu ( cow of plenty),rohini means to rise above which indicates towards ascetic nature of people . Rohini natives rise above all throughout the life with the help of their passion and sensual nature . Rohini nakshatra holds a great significance as our seer revered it because this is the abode of lord brahma . Moreover out of all stars, rohini is the favorite star for moon placement .This is because rohini is the wife of moon god. Even though moon was married to 28 nakshatras but he like to spend most of his time with rohini because of her sensual qualities of charming personality, arts, singing, dance etc.

Positive thing about rohini is its sensual true feelings and passion towards their partner. If rohini people does not control their passion and sensuality, it can turn out to be emotional insecurity and eventually jealousy towards others and vice versa.

Rohini ranges from 10.00” Taurus to 23.20” Taurus.

  1. Deity of rohini nakshatra: deity of rohini is lord brahma/ prajapati the creator. According to brahma purana, brahma was the father of king Manu and from king Manu, we all human beings are created. King Manu has been mentioned in Mahabharata and Ramayana as the great father. Goddess Saraswati represent knowledge, music, arts, Shakti/power. She is the companion if lord brahma. Knowledge of goddess Saraswati helped brahma to create this universe that is why Saraswati is also related to this nakshatra. This also imparts the qualities of Saraswati into the rohini natives, like arts, science, music, knowledge etc. Another point of relation of brahma is that rohini represent all sensual, materialistic things like senses, clothing, food, water etc. All these these things are created by brahma in the form of fire (brahma is assigned as fire of yajna by lord Shiva).  Rohini being sensual, emotional and being the wife of moon who has 27 wives, it represents a hint of inappropriate relationships. But it can only be told on the planetary placements in chart.

  2. Physical representation of brahma :   Brahma has four heads representing 4 Vedas ( rig Veda, Sam Veda , Yajurveda, atharv Veda )

4 arms represent 4 directions. Back right hand represent mind. Back left hand represent intellect, front right hand represent ego and left front hand represent self-confidence.

Prayer rosary represent ingredients of creation, book in the hand represent knowledge.

Vehicle swan represent his nurturing and fatherly grace.

Crown represents his power/ authority

Lotus represents living essence of universe which means that life emerges even in toughest situations.

White beard represent use of experience and knowledge.

Similarly rohini star also has a hint of all these qualities like knowledge, sense, creativity, nurturing, wisdom of knowledge etc.

  1. Sign and planetary ruler associated and theirimpact:  sign associated is Taurus. Taurus is all about fixed nature and enjoy the life at own speed. Taurus is sensual sign and takes its own time to respond.  even though rohini likes to be in this sign but due to passionate and outgoing nature of rohini and limited action of Taurus sign sometimes create aggravation in thoughts as mind want to run fast  but Taurus doesn’t allow that much of wisdom . On the other side , Taurus has a steady sexuality . Fire of passion in rohini and steady sexuality of Taurus encourage these natives to explore sexuality at a different level.

Moon is the planetary ruler. Moon is all about our emotional nature “maan so jatak “ .  How we tackle everyday matters from our emotions and intellect depends upon the placement moon in birth chart. These natives being prominently having moon as planetary ruler, naturally gets waxing and waning nature of moon. Moon is not steady , it keeps changing its size  so as the rohini natives do . Rohini natives often have restless mind as they keep trying to find an ideal peaceful environment which is practically not possible.

Along with moon, Venus also co rules this nakshatra. Goddess Saraswati is feminine energy associated with this nakshatra. Impact of Venus gives creativity, productivity and hence gives completeness to this nakshatra.

  1. Symbolic representation and application:  this nakshatra represents chariot driven by pair of OX’s. Ox is the symbol of earthy, fixed nature of Taurus and sensuality towards material world, thereby signifying all luxuries and comforts to individual. Ox represents growth, fertility, and productivity. In older times ox were assigned as the “wheel of commerce” as they were largely used for agricultural income.

In today’s era, these people like to have a luxury life and enjoying all material things of this modern world to satisfy their sensuality.

  1. Puranic story – birth of lord krishna :

Vishnu came as avatar on earth in the form of Krishna to stop the cruelty on earth. King Kansa was a powerful cruel king. Kansa knew that Devaki (Kansa sister) 8th child will kill him. Kansa planned and put his sister and her husband (Vasudeva) behind bars. He started killing her all children one by one as soon as they born. 7th child of Devaki was implanted in the womb of rohini (2nd wife of Vasudeva). When 8th child Krishna had to born, that night everyone in kingdom went into deep sleep, all doors of jail were opened. Vasudeva carried his son Krishna in a jute basket and gave it to his friend nanda (king of gokul). Nanda and his wife yashodha adopted Krishna who later killed king Kansa.

Every year janmashtami is celebrated as birth of lord Krishna, when sun is in own sign and moon in rohini nakshatra.

Learning from puranic story we also realize that these natives can adopt a child to help or support a family. Transferring of 7th child of Devaki into womb of rohini is also an indicator of tendency for keeping someone’s baby in womb to help them getting a baby. They are called surrogate mothers.

  1. Sacred animal and its reflection in rohini natives:. Snake has a strong connection with this star. Snake is a very sensitive reptile. Snake use more of its senses to live. Snakes crawl on ground and it is directly connected to earthy energies. Eyes of snakes are said to have great magnetic /hypnotic powers. Similarly a full powered rohini native has a great magnetism especially if rohini is in ascendant or moon. Rohini natives have very magnetic eyes.

The great powerful snakes mentioned in Vedas namely Vasuki, kaliya, adishesh, were connected to lord Krishna. Krishna killed kaliya to protect people. Vasuki sits around the neck of lord Shiva; adishesh holds the whole universe on his hood and also a bed for lord Vishnu. Rohini natives should watch their serpent qualities. if they harness it in good way then they can get a path to spirituality.

  1. Holistic / Ayurvedic point of view. : Our body has numerous chakras/ energy portals. Nakshatra also has a main impact on swadishthana chakra (sacral chakra). Brahma is creativity /passion/ jeeva (life). And swadishthana chakra is all about our passions and interest and creativity. Organs in this area around naval are responsible for creating a new life.

In another view , Venus and moon are co rulers , both are karakas of 4th house in birth chart . Venus also represents 7 th house of opposite sex and attraction. Venus represents Anahata chakra which is all about open true love. In this kaliyuga, it is not easy to keep our chakras in balance. Therefore our seers have advised us to do pranayama’s, asana, kriya, mudras. Doing kapalbhati pranayama, unclogs the swadishthana chakra as well as heart chakra. Yogic breathing .mudras also plays an important role in balancing our chakras. Moon and Venus mudras are good way to balance inner self.

AYURVEDIC view is also important, biological humor for this nakshatra is “kapha”. Our body weight depends on kapha factor. Kapha works to hold the things together, which means all bodily tissues, and water /fluids, mucus membranes. From astrological point of view, kapha prakriti is related to both negative and positive side. Negative side gives natives overindulgence, greed which are like a standing water emotions. On positive side, it gives love, passion, affirmative actions, and power. Kapha can be balanced by watching proper intake of water and movement of body fluids. Also yoga kriya help to rejuvenate and detox the body fluids.

  1. Purushartha / motivation of this star : soul of these natives seek moksha through the path of true dedicated love towards their deva / god/ I discussed before about passionate love of these natives towards their spouse  which can turn out to be jealousy for others / by others. If they learn to control their immense dedication of love vibes, under the guidance of a right spiritual guru, they can find path to liberation. You can consider selfless love of radha towards Krishna which guided her to moksha.

  2.  Different planets in rohini nakshatra: this is where we see the diversity among all rohini natives. Every planet behaves differently in rohini nakshatra.

  3. Ascendant: if ascendant is in rohini then person is more emotional and desire full. There will be tendency of multiple partners in these natives or emotional attachment with many opposite sex people. Due to waves of emotions it is hard to hold on to one thought at a time.

  4. Sun: sun is our soul and being in rohini, it has more emotional impact, sun in Taurus sign is like our soul is travelling in a slow moving luxury train bogie which frequently stops and moves slowly but continuously towards the destination. Brightness of sun is might feel diminished here but if native follows the oath of spirituality and follows a guru, it can be a great soul journey.

  5. Moon: moon is our mind and being in Taurus, it is in its exaltation. It is like breaking the emotional boundary and taking emotions to a new level. In Taurus, it is stuck in limited speed and boundary of Taurus that makes these natives restless. Restlessness brings down the productivity of a native. It is advisable to harness this restless energy via meditation and get the best out of it.

  6. Mars: mars is very energetic and warrior. Here the natives with mars in rohini learn to develop a defensive mode instead of attacking mode of mars. They learn to develop focused emotions and they can learn to us their energy in more precise and steady manner. These people can do good in making war strategies.

  7. Venus: Venus is in its own sign. Venus is all about beauty, art of rejuvenation, reproduction. Venus placement here gives native a sensual nature, desire to enjoy every moment and living in a perfect balanced sensuality. Lust full nature of Taurus can take the nature of idealism and sensuality too far.

  8. Mercury: it is all about intelligence, ideas, speech. Mercury is considered as prince/kid. Under the shelter of this father (moon), mercury enjoys his intellectual powers and intuitive abilities. But if we observe a kids behavior which means a kid is happy and charming and with very delicate emotions. If you scold a kid, he/she gets hurt quickly and get emotionally hurt. If these natives work on their vishudhi chakra( throat chakra ) and agya chakra, they can unlock the immense hidden power of intuition and intelligence

  9. Saturn: Saturn loves to stay here as its friendly sign. Moon tries to implement its rules of free emotions on Saturn but Saturn is a powerful planet which brings waving mind to a structured and fixed level. These natives are like traditional thinkers and they know their limits of lustfulness. This indirectly put a stress on moon which is against moon nature. These natives often feel internal war of setting boundaries and setting free the emotions.

  10. Jupiter: Jupiter is teacher to the gods; Jupiter is knowledge, spirituality, dharma, expansion of satvik things. This placement is not very favorable for Jupiter because Taurus sign is ruled by Venus which is demon guru. as per puranic story, moon had seduced the wife of Jupiter and she got pregnant / mercury was born as moon’s son. This is the reason why Jupiter does not feel comfortable here. Jupiter placement also depends on Padha it is in. Aries and cancer Padha are good for Jupiter.

  11. Rahu: rahu is demonic and shadowy planet which is responsible for creating illusions and uncontrolled expansion of things. Rahu is exalted here. Rahu can manipulate the sensuality of a native and can trigger it to uncontrolled sexual desires. Intellect does not work good here in smoky illusion of rahu. on the other hand rahu provides materialistic growth here. If we harness expansion power of rahu, it can open the gateway of our destiny.

  12. Ketu: ketu is unsatisfaction, spirituality and detachment. ketu is debilitated here . Natives with ketu here can feel restriction in themselves which doesn’t allow them to freely enjoy the lustful and sensual nature of Taurus and moon.

  13. Padha system of precise and deep analysis :

Aries Padha 10.00” to 13.20” Taurus: this Padha is full of energy .it is a good placement for sun and mars. Jupiter does ok here. But Saturn is debilitated in this Padha. Sun being exalted in Aries becomes very fruitful; soul journey is very royal and prestigious. Self-respect is high. Mars is in its own sign as it feels like home/ own sign. But here mars get more space to freely implement its energies. Saturn is debilitated because Saturn is monk and its all about solitude, discipline, truth, constructive and systematic. these all things are hard to attain in Aries energy. That is why Saturn feels mismatched here and native feels a tug of war in own. One side of tug pulls native to go out and live lavish and other side of tug pulls native to enjoy but inwardly in a very strict controlled manner.

Taurus Padha 13.2 0” to 16.40” Taurus. it is the fifth navamsha of Taurus. It is also called vargottma and pushkara. In this Padha, most planets feel like home, very settled and they appreciate the essence of rohini nature of nurturing. As we know that ox is a symbol of patience, steadiness, power, creativity, fertility, therefore any planet placed here becomes in equilibrium with these qualities in particular area of life they represent in birth chart. Only ketu finds difficult to settle in this Padha but in later life, ketu also learn to manage here.ketu learns to find detachment within realm of sensuality and materialism.

Gemini Padha 16.40” to 20.00” Taurus: it is the 6th navamsha of Taurus. Gemini is all about communication, ideas, and changes. Mercury do well here and produce great ideas and communicative skills. Any other planet here is impacted by thought process of Gemini which means to look at a situation from both side of coins.


Cancer Padha 20.00” to 23.20” Taurus: it is 7th navamsha of Taurus. Moon and Jupiter feels like home. Jupiter is exalted and moon is in own sign of cancer. Saturn does not feel like welcomed here because cancer is more about free emotions and Saturn is more about ceasing the thoughts and moreover cancer is watery sign. Mars is debilitated and feels uncomfortable in showing its aggressive skills.

  1. Famous people born in this nakshatra :  Marilyn Monroe, Clint east wood, Ian Fleming