We wake up in morning and start our usual routine with a cup of coffee and news paper or magazines. this is a fashion as well as requirement of our daily life, many of us read a coloumn in a corner of newspaper of ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS FOR THIS WEEK FOR ALL SIGNS.
Then we start reading it and it becomes a habit eventually as we start applying those predictions in our everyday life. for example if predictions say that your week will pass in enjoyment and lots of fun  and you are happy after this and suddenly you fell sick and on bed for a week or so then where does this predction go !!!
In another example it might say that if you start a new venture today then big losses may happen, on other hand ,you did the venture and ran that venture successfully for years and years!! then where does this predction goes ?!!
SO If we look into it logically , we find that there are 12 zodiac signs which are predicted in general, that means there are only 12  kind of people in this world. and this is not true as we all know that there are millions kazillions of people in world and every one is unique and different nature from each other,SO HOW we are supposed to see common zodiac predction for all signs, doesnt matter if two people have same sun signs but their natures are totally different from each other which is due to differnt ascendent sign and different moon signs and also the stars they are sitting in and many more factors are considered,,..
the right wey to do predction is to look into birth chart of person and suggest readings based on current transits of planets,
so please dont waste your time in following the astrological guidance from newspapers and magazines. this will ruin your life and will diappoint you always