with respect from the bottom of my heart , iam dedicating this article as a gratitude to my guru and mentor . with the blessings of whose lotus feet iam able to touch the surface of this great science.

hello everyone, iam vikrant once again going to talk about a very important topic in vedic astrology ,"nakshatras". ! i will discuss about the most respectable and auspicious nakshatra and that is "PUSHYA". but before i go deep into it, lets talk about the real meaning of nakshatras and how they work in our life.

what are nakshatras and its importance in vedic astrology?

nakshatra means "naksha" and "tra". naksha means to get closer and tra means to preserve or in other words we can say that the one which can never be destroyed. in western astrology it also hold a great significance and known as "star".

nakshatra system of analysis in vedic astrology is far older than our modern vedic astrology of birth chart system.in ancient times , sages used to predict about an incident just on basis of nakshatra. There are 12 signs in our zodiac belt , these nakshatras are distributed evenly among all these zodiac signs. approximately 2.25 nakshatras are present in a sign . when moon transits into these signs and over nakshatras , it give different results according to the properties of that nakshatra.

There is a mythological story behind nakshatras. moon had married 27 daughters of daksh prajapati on a commitment that he will spend time equally with all his wives but later he was more drawn towards wife"Rohini". this made his other wives unhappy and jealous , the girls complained their father and king daksh prajapati cursed moon to die. soon wives realised their mistake and requested their father to reverse the curse. but it was impossible so daksha gave a boon to moon that he will die every month but will be reborn every month . these days we can see this process happening every month as waxing and waning of moon.

Traditional system of astrology has 28 nakshatras, 28 th nakshatra is actually not a somas wife but its a little degree between 6'40" of u ashadha and up to 10'53" of shravana. This gap of degree is very auspicious for doing a lot of rituals, plannings, starting new ventures etc. This nakshatra used to be a part of nakshatra belt by dwapar yuga ie. at time of mahabharata. lord krishna knew that kauravas are powerful and they had used the power of this nakshatra and they will definitely win over pandavas . to save pandavas from evil, lord krishna the preserver of this universe had pushed abhijit nakshatra out of the nakshatra belt to save pandavas.Ever since then abhijit nakshatra is not a part of nakshatra family but virtually it is able to produce great positive effects.

Nakshatras are further divided into padhas which represent a natives 4 aims of life and also padha tells a lot about our core nature.depending on transit of moon over certain padha of nakshatra reveals his way of achieving 4 aims of life namely dharma(spiritual duties), artha(material duties like money comfort etc), kaam(enjoyment of attained wealth and happiness), moksha.(liberation of soul). Nakshatra is not only used to see a birth chart, also it is used for panchang,electional astrology, prashna astrology,synastrial astrology,medical astrology,remedies, holy rituals like yagna, puja, havan , prayers etc.

PUSHYA NAKSHATRA : the one who sustains dharma, the one who gives siddhis(sidhya),the one who knows how to shoot the celestial arrow and open the doors of success, such great auspicious nakshatra is pushya nakshatra.it is also known as star of nourishment ,as the name reveals "pushya" which means pushti ie. nourishment of soul/body/thoughts etc lord of this nakshatra is saturn and deity is brihaspati the guru of gods(jupiter) in indian zodiac , it is 3'20" to 16'40" cancer sign. in western zodiac , it ranges from 29'20" cancer to 12'40" leo.

pushya nakshatra is represented by cow's udder , lotus flower,arrow,circle ring,peepal tree(ficus religiosa). each symbol has a deep meaning , understanding of these symbols helps us to analyze a birth chart with much more precision.

what does these symbols reveal about this nakshatra? how can we use these symbols to analyse a persons life ? just think deeply about the subtle meaning of these symbols and see the events happening in natives life .

1.COWS UDDER is a milk giving part of cow's body. milk is a superfood for nourishing a body.milk represents motherly nourishment. thats why cow is considered as mother in vedic culture. in a same way ,people born in this nakshatra have a great caring and nourishing attitude toward other people without any self interest.

2. LOTUS FLOWER : why only lotus flower for this nakshatra? answer lies in itself. lotus is a beautiful flower which is also related to brahma the creator of universe. also flower means the final finest product of a plant. besides all odds(mud), lotus has capability to grow and bloom with pride. when we apply this concept in our lives,we observe that these people are the ones who help other people by bringing out best inside them just like a lotus from mud.

3. ARROW : here pushya nakshatra has another beautifull color of being a heavenly archer(tisya) who has an arrow made of his principles/structured planning,truth,religion. these natives look for the target which is ultimately liberation from this world . their all life is based on principles and they like to sustain religion,sewa, love ,honesty,advising to other people to put them on right track without any selfish interest. they prove to be great manipulators and great business gurus.

4. CIRCLE RING : for these natives , life is like a ring without any starting point and ending point.for them this can be their final journey, so rather than just indulging into kaam(enjoyment) and moh(attachment), these natives try to achive all 4 aims of life namely 1. dharma 2. artha 3. kaam 4. moksha. in a very balanced way.

5. PEEPAL TREE: peepal tree is a very sacred tree in vedic culture, there are many mythological stories related to peepal tree, peepal represents lord vishnu(the preserver),shiva(destroyer), jupiter(guru to gods), saturn . since pushya lord is saturn, i will share a mythological story about saturn. ashwattha and peepala were two demons, aswathha took the form of peepal tree and peepala pretended like a brahmin and asked innocent people to touch the tree to get blessings, as people touched the tree, tree killed them. later lord saturn saved the community by killing those demons, eversince then it believed that if somebody touch peepal tree on saturday, he will be blessed by lord saturn.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SATURN AND BRIHASPATI (jupiter) : saturn asked jupiter to teach him the vedic art. jupiter knew that saturn is son of chaya, so he refused to teach him, saturn then incarnated into a human form and came on earth. he took admission in brihaspati's school by name of sauri. when he was about to complete his graduation from gurukul, brihaspati came to know his reality and refused to take gurudakshina (final humble offering to guru on completition of studies) from saturn.saturn tried but couldnt convience lord brihaspati. he then left the school and joined the school of guru shukracharya(venus the guru of demons).he realized that brihaspati purposely didnt told the secrets of the subjects. saturn felt bad and got angry with brihaspati because saturn studied with full devotion and his teacher never told him the real part of study. ever since then when jupiter enters in sign of capricorn or saturn if transits in pushya nakshatra, feels lost and effects analytical abilities and hence creates a tendency in a person to pass a wrong judgement. even best astrologers can not be spared from this . but still these two planets go hand in hand, if jupiter is known for its expansion qualities /dharma/knowledge/advise. then saturn being lord of this nakshatra gives native a sense of setting boundaries to control the expansion and utilize the power of expansion,knowledge,religion to undergo structural transformation of himself by death and decay of our ignorance and development of sense of karma and responsibility in our life.

IMPORTANT POINTS: this nakshatra is known for its sacred speech power, ability to create spiritual energy. this is because of brihaspati as a diety of this nakshatra. brihaspati is priest of gods, therefore he has power of mantras which requires strong speech power. . also being a priest symbolicaly , these natives have tendency to develop great spiritual energy in them amd also they are able to transform spiritual energy into others.

according to BPHS and AGNI PURAN, starting a medicine on this nakshatra, helps to heal much faster.also according to bphs , doing remedies ,celebrating festivals are all fruitfull on this nakshatra.

MARRIAGE AND PROGENY : this nakshatra is very superior and auspicious from every aspect except marriage and children. this is indicated in a puranic story of jupiter(brihaspati).tara was the wife of brihaspati,she was very attractive and when soma (moon) saw her, he fell into attraction towards tara and he seduced tara. Tara couldn't resist soma's attractive personality. soma took her away,this made brihaspati angry, he asked soma to return his wife but soma refused to do so.shukracharya the guru of demons stood by the side of soma and all demon community thus started helping soma(moon). all other gods shiva,angira etc stood by the side of brihaspati. a big war started which was creating a huge loss on both sides. lord brahma then stepped in and stopped the war.He insisted soma to return tara back to brihaspati.Tara was impregnated by soma, this was a serious issue, when tara delievered the baby, the baby was beautiful and special. both moon and jupiter felt fatherly attachment to the child. so even if the child was not real son of jupiter, jupiter adopted him as his manas putra. since then this nakshatra is related to marriage issues and child issues in natives life.

I want to clear one thing here that it is not necessary that natives born in pushya nakshatra are always having troubles related to marriage and children, other placements of planets and yogas also alter the impact of pushya. Ask yourself if you know any of your known person who has this nakshatra and how their life reflects the colors of this nakshatra? when you start analyzing , you will be surprised to see the clear background of this nakshatra playing in their lives !

since we have discussed a lot of basics about this nakshatra, we are having enough information and understanding to cruise our ship more deeper into the ocean of knowledge.so lets talk about the sub divisions of pushya nakshatra. As we know that each nakshatra has four padhas, pushya's 4 padhas are as follows:

PADHA1 : 3'20" to 6'40" in cancer. this padha is leo padha.This division has an impact of sun on the planet transiting over this padha.A planet transiting over padha behaves in accordance with nature of leo.For instance, moon in this padha will make the person's mind full of royality and commanding attitude. where as if saturn is transiting over this padha, will be a tug of war between the nature of showing power by leo and on the other hand saturn will try to set limitations and steady slow approach to the situations.mars if transits, will become more fierce and charged because of the shelter of king(leo).venus if transits, it may make a person happy in enjoying luxurious lifestyle and getting addicted to it too.

PADHA 2 : 6'40" to 10'00" cancer . this is virgo padha . virgo is ruled by mercury, mercury has good analytical thinking and communication power. for instance if mercury itself transits, it gives super qualities of intelligence,creativity, communication. if mars transits , native become good logical and analytical thinker which can make a person who may develop great war strategies being the head of army. if moon transits then person will have intellectual mind, high intuition power. only venus planet is not happy here because virgo is dibiliation sign of venus and thus create such situations in which you have to work hard to maintain marriage. this type of combination may make a person very nosy and choosy in relationship.

PADHA 3 : 10'00" TO 13'20" CANCER. this is libra padha. libra is a sign of balance and it means fair dealing with every one. moon here makes a person famous in public and like to deal fairly with people. sun here is not so happy,since sun is debiliated in libra, it forces the person to leave ego and pride of king and work like a worker with public to attain padhprapti( respect/fame).where as saturn is very happy here. saturn is exhalted here and teaches karmic lessons to the person.

PADHA 4: 13'.20" to 16'.40" cancer. it is scorpio padha :it is ruled by mars. a lot of transformational energy is hiding here. if saturn transits over this padha, it makes a person to undergo transformation in life for ultimate moksha(libration). saturn is also called monk which guides the native to transform in situations and attain peace. ketu is exhalted in this sign and it is also related to spirituality and moksha. moon here if transits, is not happy because of its debiliated sign.such people's thoughts are like water in a dead pool where there is no movement in water, scorpio is fixed and watery sign .such people have rigid thoughts and behaviour. rahu is in debiliation sign, rahu is gateway of destiny, it will create illusion of track, native may feel confused at times about which track to follow in life to achive the soul purpose.rahu is a planet of super expansion and it needs to be controlled here by setting up boundaries of discipline and hardwork by saturn. these padhas discussion is to give you a brief introduction of planets in these padhas, we can apply all planets one by one and see how they do wonders in our life. for this we need to have strong astrology basics.

AYURVEDIC PERSPECTIVE : this nakshatra is a kshipra nakshatra which means fast movements and it is related to pitta prakriti.pitta prakriti give them a lean body with not much extra body fat. their quickness burn a lot of calories and keep them in shape. also exceptions are there.

HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE : saturn rules this nakshatra. also saturn rules our moola chakra mool chakra is all about our sense of truth, security and groundedness. saturn grounds our energies by perservance ,conservation and limitations.natives born under this nakshatra are inclined towards yogic practices . if they focus on their mooldhara chakra(root chakra) by doing root chakra meditation , they can overcome all type of insecurities especially related to marriage and progeny.beej mantra for root chakra is LAM.recieting this mantra brings root chakra in balance. Also due to jupiter being the deity of this nakshatra, swadishthana chakra (sacral chakra) play an important role at subtle level. swadishthana chakra is above moola chakra and it represents our passions and urge to do the things in life. jupiter is a planet which is karaka (significator) of many houses in birthchart thus it has a vital role in our life about passions in different areas of life namely family, finances,spouse,kids,dharma etc. beej mantra for this chakra is VAM. Native born in this nakshatra has a call of saturn to bring balance in life and vanish fears , when we cross the first step, call of swadishthana chakras says to bring out best in you and thats your passion which will turn into desired fruitful action in manipura chakra.

IMPORTANT MUHURATA YOGAS : Yogas are the auspicious timings when it is advisable to buy,trade,sell,home,marriage etc are done to get best results.pushya nakshatra is highly auspicious nakshatra from mundane perspective.There are two types of pushyami yogas namely RAVI PUSHYA AND GURUPUSHYA YOGA.

1. RAVI PUSHYA is considered as very good for all types of rituals, buying selling etc. even if there is a bad yoga of planets is in transit is there, ravi pushya yoga neutralize the bad effects of all kuyogas(bad transits). Ravi pushya yoga forms when pushya nakshatra falls on sunday. some important dates are given at the end of this article.

2.GURU PUSHYA YOGA is considered to be thousand times more auspicious than any yoga. when pushya nakshatra falls on thursday, it becomes guru pushya yoga, it is believed that if someone visit a holy place, visit his guru or perform any spiritual practice on this day, will get many times auspicious results.some important dates of this year are also given below.

RAVI PUSHYA YOGA : 1. SEP 25 from 2.35 pm to SEP 26 5.30 AM (IST) YEAR 2016 2. OCT 23 from 5.30am to 8.40 PM (IST) YEAR 2016

GURU PUSHYA YOGA : 1. MAY 12 from 5.30 am to 10.45 pm (IST) YEAR 2016 2. JUNE 9 from 5.30 am to 7.30 am (IST) YEAR 2016

SOME GREAT PERSONALITIES BORN IN THIS NAKSHATRA : sir edmund hillary,henry ford,raymond chandler, ernst hemingway.