With the blessings of my guru and mentor ,Iam writing this article on mrigshira nakshatra . without their blessings it was impossible to write a single word .

In this article iam going to discuss about various aspects of mrigshira . it is not just any story telling article but along with that I will discuss spiritual and holistic part of it which is equally important for the journey of our soul.

  1. Meaning of mrigshira.

  2. Sign and degree range , direction.

  3. Deity ( moon )and its reflection in our life

  4. Planetary ruler ( mars)- action /power/desire.

  5. Signs related – Taurus and gemini and how they impact the results of mrigshira in our life.

  6. Symbols representing core nature of mrigshira.

  7. Puranic story and goal of mrigshira which shows essence of this nakshatra.

  8. Sacred animal – snake and  lord parashurama revealing a hidden quality in mrigshira natives.

  9. Holistic view/ remedial measures to balance mrigshira energy – Ayurvedic and esoteric chakra system , mudras and yoga.

  10. Different planets in mrigshira

  11. Padha /charan system of microanalysis – gives true essence of birth chart.

  12. Famous people born in this nakshatra.



  1. MEANING OF MRIGSHIRA : “ head of the deer “. Mriga means deer and shira means head . deer is frisk , fast runner , beautiful . mrigshira is related to mind , our intelligence , beauty , attraction, illusion. Here deer represents mind  and deer runs fast and so as our mind does.

  Due to fast and frisk nature of deer , its qualities are reflected in our mind .  it  gives restless , emotional mind which strives for something which is practically not possible . the more we try to catch that illusion , the more we face hard experiences in our life.

  In the later part of this article I will discuss about harnessing the  “ deer power “ in your own holistic way so that you can clearly see behind the clouds of illusion and hit the target many times harder.

  1. SIGN AND DEGREE RANGE : mrigshira ranges from 23.20’ Taurus to 6.40’ gemini. It also represent south direction and silver color.

  2. DEITY AND ITS REFLECTION IN OUR LIFE :  moon is the deity associated with mrigshira . moon is also known as SOMA / CHANDRA. In indian mythology , soma is considered as divine juice  which other devas consume to keep up with their mystical powers. There are some mythological stories associated with moon.

  3. Moon was marries to daughters of Daksh prajapati, but he spent more time with Rohini . due to neglecting of his other wives, he got cursed by daksh to die. Lord shiva then recreated moon and gave his life back as a boon. Since that day we see waxing and waning of moon in sky. Essence of this story tells that restless and frisk mind always creates self destruction but if we learn to control our mind like shiva , we can achive heights of enlightenment

  4. Another story famous of moon is moon and tara’s illegimate relationship. Moon was very handsome and tara was amazingly beautiful and was jupiter’s wife. Moon seduced tara and she fell in love with moon , with their union , tara got pregnant . a big war started in gods and moon. Gods were on Jupiter side and devil guru shukracharya was with moon. This war came to an end by the order of lord brahma. Tara gave birth to mercury/budh. Budh had qualities of both moon and divinity of tara . later both Jupiter and moon accepted him as their son.

   Essence of this story is that uncontrolled desire for illusionary things and getting involved in illegitimate and relationship abuse . this essence can be seen in some natives of mrigshira. But it is not same for all as other yogas also interwine with results of a birth chart.

  1. PLANETARY RULER – MARS –ACTION/POWER/DESIRE. : mars is the ruler of this nakshatra . mars is all about courage , motivation, action, intellect. Mars provide energy and intellect to mrigshira to take actions required to hit the goal . to do a right action and achievement a one should have balanced moon and mars in birth chart. If moon is not in a favorable position in chart , then mind will not find the right way to use the martian energy and may suffer anger problems.

  Lord shiva’s elder son is kartikeya who rules mars. Kartikeya is married to devayani and valli. They all complete each other. Kartikeya represent great knowledge , devayani represent right actions and valli represent will power  to do actions. There is a blend of knowledge , action and will power for which mars planet is known for.

  Essence of above story says that mrigshira natives have good power of knowledge , intellect , sense of right and wrong actions and courage to take action.

  1. SIGNS- TAURUS AND GEMINI AND HOW THEY IMPACT RESULTS OF MRIGSHIRA IN OUR LIFE : as I said , mrigshira  ranges from 23.20’ Taurus to 6.40’ gemini. It covers both signs , that means diversity in qualities.

   People with Taurus mrigshira will show earthy self soothing quality. These natives will reflect the quality of a bull who want to just stand firmly and enjoy the comfort of grazing . he will not move or act until he is at the edge of necessity of taking an action towards a situation.

People with gemini mrigshiraha has now entered into the realm of thought and intellect process. Mercury rules gemini and mercury is a fragment of mind. This makes native to think about a situation which will be deep and fast. Unlike Taurus , they can not stay firm and enjoy the grass. Instead they think more and more about grass on the other side.

   Essence shows that a balanced Taurus and will give comfort and balanced actions  and balanced gemini will give great inner achievement at mind level.

  1. SYMBOL REPRESENTING CORE NATURE OF MRIGSHIRA :  head of the deer represents moon . moon represents our mind . since moon is a fast moving luminous body, it also makes our mind run fast and in many directions. Lord shiva is the only one who can control the moon and use its power towards kundalini. If we pray shiva by offering milk or water , it helps to stabilize our mind . shiva represents yoga , therefore practice of yoga also balances the waving mind.

  2. PURANIC STORY AND GOAL WHICH SHOWS ESSENCE OF MRIGSHIRA : daksh prajapati arranged a yagya. He invited all devas except shiva. He hated shiva. Daksh ‘s daughter sati was married to shiva. She felt disrespectful for her husband. She argued with her father about not inviting shiva on yagya. Daksh showed more rude  behavior and disrespect for shiva, sati couldn’t bear that and killed herself . when shiva came to know about this , he sent veer bhadra to destroy yagya and kill daksh prajapati. Yagya tried to escape in sky in form of deer. Lord shiva caught that deer and cut his head. That head was then located in the sky as a nakshatra called mrigshira nakshatra.

  After this incident, mrigshira is known for sacrifice, if anyone does any yagya or siddhi on the day of moon in mrigshira, it will be very fruitfull. Since this is known for sacrifice, these natives are esoterically motivated to attain moksha/ enlightenment which requires sacrifice of material things.


  1. SACRED ANIMAL – SNAKE AND LORD PARASURAMA REVEALING A HIDDEN QUALITY IN MRIGSHIRA :  Snake is the animal associated with this star. There is an incident related to lord parashurama . he is incarnation of  lord vishhnu. He had defeated 21 kshatriya /warrior tribes. After all he gave away all acquired property, land etc to brahmins and didn’t  kept anything for  himself. Then lord varuna allowed him some land but unfortunately all snakes from that land had to go away. Lord parashurama gave boon to snakes that they will be worshipped in temples and will be famous for their mystical powers.

   The esoteric meaning of this incident tells that snakes have strong intuitive powers , they have strong senses to see future incidents. They also have strong mystical powers and deep occult knowledge. Mrigshira has a connection to snakes which naturally develops a tendency of natives to learn deep occult knowledge . snakes are also known for their dangerous poision. Mrigshira natives should control their excessive belligerent behavior otherwise they might face the dark side of poision ( aggressiveness) .

  1. HOLISTIC VIEW/REMEDIAL MEASURES TO BALANCE MRIGSHIRA ENERGY- AYURVEDIC AND ESOTERIC CHAKRA SYSTEM / MUDRAS/YOGA :  from Ayurvedic view, this nakshatra is of pitta nature . pitta is fire of body . pitta nature of mrigshira give them frisky nature . their most actions are fiery. This fire make them good leaders and efficient fast workers. Only important thing to watch is that excess pitta in body can make them crash due to over activity.

   I advise to avoid intake of excess spicy foods which can elevate pitta. Instead you can try to keep pitta in balance by adequate water intake and bel fruit, watermelon etc. always consult your doctor before changing your diet plan.

   There is another esoteric meaning of mrigshira which is revealed through energy portals/oorja bindus/chakras. Chakras are energy points through which our life force travels in body .  mrigshira is associated with manipura chakra/ solar plexus chakra , Anahata chakra/ heart chakra , vishudhi chakra/ throat chakra.

    Mainly manipura or solar plexus chakra is the role player. Anahata and vishudhi interwines with working of manipura and effect differently in different indivisuals.

   Mars is the ruler of mrigshira amd also rules manipura , both represent energy. Mars is courage power action where as manipura chakra represents action energy of body.

  Anahat chakra represent love for everyone and more grounded nature. Vishudhi chakra represent vocal power/ sense of right and wrong. Interaction of Anahat chakra with manipura chakra brings stability in energy and balanced actions . interaction of vishudhi with manipura brings energetic , dominant speech which shows more frisk and leadership qualities.

   These chakras should be in balance to get optimum results and healthy body. Yoga makes the body stronger and meditation opens up our chakras . other methods are also used like doing mudras , mantras etc. mangal mudra should be done in addition to shukra mudra and budhha mudra.



  2. Ascendant : if ascendant is Taurus then even though mind runs like a deer but Taurus earthy nature put a leash to deer and only allow a limited movement and force to explore within. This can be frustrating sometimes. If gemini ascendant then speed of mind has no leash and thoughts are very fast and curiosity quotient is higher.

  3. If sun in mrigshira then it act like a king showing the sense of right and wrong , if sun in gemini then it becomes more communicative and thoughtfull.

  4. If moon in mrigshira , it likes here in Taurus . Taurus is exaltation sign of moon. If gemini moon then too much thought process in mind which can lead to confusion and inability to take decisions.

  5. Mars is happy here in own nakshatra which makes more result yielding.

  6. Mercury in mars nakshatra creates fiery thoughts . it gives revolutionary ideas and speech.

  7. Jupiter is also happy here . mars is Jupiter friend. Mars is passion and Jupiter is knowledge. This combo can be a good teacher, advisor , counsellor .

  8. Venus is a materialistic planet which is more towards kama. Mrigshira ultimate goal is moksha/enlightenment . both kama and moksha are opposite to each to other. In other words , venus in Taurus will like to enjoy worldly comforts but core liberation nature will interrupt with it. Learning to harness Venusian power can bring big positive changes and a way from kama to moksha.

  9. Saturn is not happy here as Saturn and mars are not good friends. Saturn is law and restrictions where as mars doesn’t surrender to boundaries and try to conquer everything beyond boundaries.

  10. Rahu/ ketu : rahu is happy and find great opportunity to know meaning of life. Ketu is spiritual and sense of guilt. It can hinder in spiritual progress. We should open up our mind and develop acceptance and changes in life to gain more spirituality.


  12. LEO PADHA 23.20’ TO 26.40’ Taurus: it is earthy and more fixed nature where any planet will stick to their own views. More stability is seen here.

  13. VIRGO PADHA 26.40’ TO 30.00’ Taurus : analytical role is prominent here. It’s a good padha for mercury as it is exalted, thoughts and communicative abilities are at higher wisdom. But for venus it is debilitation point where inspite of being enjoying all material things in life, person feel inner guilt for enjoying the life .

  14. LIBRA PADHA 0.00’ TO 3.20’ gemini : libra is good for Saturn as it is its exaltation sign. Gemini is also friendly with Saturn. It makes the person very disciplined and mature thoughts which help the native to grow in life. Sun is not happy as it is its debilitated sign . sun lack in self confidence , become more demanding, inability to take a stand with a decision.

  15. SCORPIO PADHA 3.20’ TO 6.40’ gemini : scorpio is dark deep secretive. All planets carrying gemini energy here counter with scorpio dark energy and feel lost and directionless. Moon is debilitated here and feel hard to get answers to their questions. Only ketu can survive with great intuition ability which can help open up path to spiritual progress. For all other planets here, it is advisable to focus on inner voice and see from inner eyes to decipher depth of scorpio padha.

  16. Some famous people born in this nakshatra are Paul Mc Cartney, Cole Porter, Prince William.