Astrology is a divine science. We are studying it in different forms throughout the world. Most commonly used method in indian vedic astrology is using birth chart and rashis(signs) but there is another form of astrology which is far more old and precise. our sages used that science to pin point future incidents.This is NAKSHATRAS.Nakshatras are also practiced in western astrology by the name of stars/lunar mansions.

In this article i will cover up MAGHA nakshatra.Following points will be discussed in this article : 
1. Meaning of MAGHA .
2. Ruling planets , deities and puranic myth.
3. Symbolic representation and its practical signification.
4. Key points about this nakshatra.
5. Padhas and how they alter the results of natives life .
6. Holistic overview based on our energy portals.
7. Ayurvedic perspective

1. Meaning of magha: Magha means ” mighty ” or ” glorious”.People born in this nakshatra has amazing strength and spiritual leadership qualities.
Magha ranges from 00′ 00″ to 13′ 20″ leo.

2. Magha is ruled by planet ketu .Ketu is related to enlightnment and spiritual qualities. ketu is also the tail of snake where all digested and final product of karma is stored. These people have a quality to carry their karmas from one birth to other.The learning experiences of soul are transferred from birth to birth. If these natives focus on activating their subconscious mind by various yogic practices then they can realize lot of big talents hidden in them which needs to be expressed in this life time.
Deity of this nakshatra is lord Ganesha.Lord Ganesha sit on a rat as their vehicle. This rat used to be a big demon whom Ganesha had defeated and turned into his vehicle. Since then even though rat is small ,it represents our inner demonic power(materialism) which can be controlled by awakening subconscious mind and praying Ganesha.

3. Magha nakshatra is represented by Palanquin (palki). This is a royal transport for kings. Also magha is in leo sign which itself is ruled by Sun the king.At subtle level, the main bamboo stick thich carry the weight of palanquin is considered as our back bone and knots of ropes on both sides is the various junctions of our nerves (chakras/energy portals).This represents the tendency of Magha natives to live and fully enjoy the life like a king along with spiritual wisdom.

Have any one of you tried to open your immense powerful energy portals ? 
These days when life is running like an engine, we are cutting off from life basics. we should devote some time for connecting with divine and awaken our inner conscious.

4. Key points : some simple but very important things should be considered while analyzing magha native birth chart. 
A. These natives have special connection with forefathers, so if they regularly perform SHRADHA, it will keep their forefathers satisfied and help in more spiritual wisdom.

B. Their life is based on Artha(materialism).They want to enjoy life to fullest .Being born in simha rashi, they have natural tendency of a king to guide the people /helping people. If they recall their past life talents , it can be a total blissfull state where we will experience the combination of worldly desires and spirituality at one place.

5. Padhas and how they alter natives life. : Well ! a very common question i often come across thatif two people are born in same nakshatra on same day, same year and same place then why are they different? This is what revealed by study of padhas or stages of nakshatra. Magha has 4 padhas:

A. Aries Padha : 00′.00″ to 03′.20″ of leo .First 48 min are considered as spiritual knot /Gandanta. natives born here look for going deeper in spirituality. its a hard process unless you find a right guru who can guide you to open spiritual knot and reveal the secrets of this universe.
sun is happy here in its exhalted sign and saturn gets into tough situation as aries is its debiliation sign. natives with sun here are bright and intelligent where as if saturn is present in this padha, there is always an internal war in natives mind which confuse us to how to tackle our past life issues. only if some one opens spiritual knot , then he can overcome such challenge.

.Taurus Padha : 03′.20″ to 06′.40″ leo.Taurus is a friendly sign for most planets.For example moon here becomes exhalted . saturn,venus, mercury, etc are in friendly sign here. Taurus sign here provides more ground and gravitational pull of emotions which means more setteled emotions. moon is more happy as it has more stable and controlled emotions here, Rahu is also exhalted which indicates that the route to our destiny goes through the way of materialistic pleasures.Ketu being debiliated and a spiritual planet, feels like an unwanted lonely guest in a big party. Here this padha teaches us how to enjoy material world and still maintain the sense of detachment and spirituality.

C. Gemini padha : 06′. 40″ to 10′. 00″ leo : Gemini represents air and mercury is information signals which travels in the air. This padha is about understanding leo life in a more practical and analytic way. these people try to see through green glass of intellect.Too much thought/analysis/intellect etc takes us no where and we feel lost in our own boundaries. Here we need to understand that how we can deploy our air power to move the mercurial energy of intellect in right direction . This will help us balance and maintain equilibrium between material world of leo and goal of soul.

D. Cancer padha : 10′.00″ to 13′.20″ leo : Cancer is a sign of healing,knowledge, calmness. natives having moon in this padha are having more balanced emotions and decisions. jupiter in this padha is also very good because this is exhaltation padha for jupiter which allows jupiter to expand its positive qualities. Mars here is debiliated and it is just like a warrior without weapon and emotionally injured.mars find hard to adjust with its nature .Mars believes in what is present at the moment where as this sign is related to our ancestors and all past life experiences are hard for mars to digest. people with debiliated mars here should learn to accept situations and to be flexible with it. use martian energy under the water to raise a tide of knowledge and let the precious pearls come to the shore of the ocean.

HOLISTIC OVERVIEW : This nakshatra is ruled by ketu which is a shadow planet. Ketu is rules by mars energy. where as this nakshatra falls under the power of sun too. So here we are talking about sun and mars. sun and mars both fire planets. mars is our manipura (solar plexus chakra), sun is our agya chakra (third eye chakra).we should meditate on these two chakras .
recite “RAM” for solar plexus chakra followed by controlled breathing exercises.
recite “OM” for third eye chakra .
working on these two chakras will surely balance your soul power and courage to achive desired goal.
Also if we add another chakra meditation based on padha of your nakshatra, we can even produce more fine results.

AYURVEDIC PERSPECTIVE : This nakshatra is known for its kapha dosha. These natives should watch their intake of fatty foods , drink more water. active life style will be helpful to digest and completely utilize the food. if you have sun exhalted then it can create more pitta prakriti. for such people, it is advisable to avoid spicy food. 
performing surya namaskar and offering water to rising sun is very helpful . While pouring water to sun, looking the rays of rising sun through the water is a great source of positive energy and eye health and more over helps in balancing agya chakra.

Some famous people born in magha are Gene Kelly,Bill Clinton,Leo Tolstoy.