Pleiades (Eta Tauri)

In this article iam going to discuss all about some interesting facts about KRITTIKA NAKSHATRA :
1.      Meaning of krittika and its cosmic address.
2.      Planetary ruler and deity.
3.      Associated rashis and their behavior .
4.      Mythological story
5.      Symbolic representation and its use in our life.
6.       Result of Planets in krittika nakshatra .
7.      Padha system of precise prediction
8.      Holistic perspective based on body chakras and Ayurveda.
9.      Some personalities born in this nakshatra.

1.      MEANING OF KRITTIKA : kriti” means to cut something and separate in parts. “ tika “ means courage and patience to accept any challenge . keep these words in mind as all picture revolves around this zodiac belt , Krittika ranges from 26.40” aries to 10.00” Taurus. It is represented by fig fruit ,

2.      Deity of this nakshatra is FIRE /AGNI DEVA. Agni is an important ingredient of this universe, without which there is no life. Agni is considered as purest form. In all kind of pujas/homams, ahuti(sacrifice offerings) is given in agni. This is because agni accepts all those offerings on the behalf of gods and send gods our message of our prayers and offerings. That is why agni works as an intermediate between gods and human beings. Agni deva has been described as  riding on a Ram , agni deva has 2 heads, 7 tongues ,7 arms,black eyes,3 legs.
2 heads of agni represent as one having constructive force and other head as destructive force.tongues represent acceptance of sacrifices. It is also considered as fire of our mind which both controls our intellect and ego. If one does not know how to tame his anger and ego , it can convert to self destruction.

ADVISE : krittika people should learn to control their aggression and avoid getting belligerent . it is somewhat similar to put a lit match towards turned stove , if you turn knob on more and more ,  the little fire in match stick can be a big explosion.

Riding on a ram is also meaningful because ram sacrifice itself and become food for others. This indicate that even though krittika people may look arrogant or stubborn  and fiery nature but when it comes to sacrifice ,they are the first to stand up for helping  the community. Fire is also a rejuvenator , it has burning power to dismantle the old and useless things from time to time . agni revives this earth  by creating a washout situations on earth.

DEATH OF GODDESS SATI :         This is an important point of story where krittika is clearly seen in background. Sati was daughter of king Daksha and sati was married to lord shiva . Daksha did not like shiva and treated him as inferior to other gods. Daksha king organized a yagya in which shiva was not invited. When sati learned about this, she became sad and angry, she insisted to go to her fathers house but lord shiva tried to stop her saying that we should not go to someones place without invitation, but sati went to daksh house and she couldent tolerate harsh words against her husband and she decided to commit self dahan( setting up self on fire). Lord shiva became very angry and he created VIRBHADRA from his hair( jata). No deva/god had powert to face virbhadra, virbhadra killed Daksha by chopping off his head . later all gods prayed shiva to forgive Daksha and give his life back. Then shiva showed an act of kindness and gave him a head of a goat because his real head was burnt in fire of yagna.
This story also indicates the fire and anger side of krittika which can destruct any thing in their way  but at same time power of agni is also life supporter and gives warmth to all for survival which is seen clearly as lord shiva gave Daksha his head back even after the sacrifice of “SATI”.
Planetary ruler of this nakshatra is sun god. There is a lot of similarity between sun and agni , as both are same hot , bright, fierce power to melt or dismantle anything. Only difference is the level of working , sun is our soul, so krittika works at our soul level. Sun is king, authority, power , ego, , these all qualities are based on fire power. If fire is controlled, then a person will use authority wisely, will use power for right purpose and  ego will vanish. From astrological point, if some one has sun in krittika, should control their inner fire by following yogic kriyas and developing spirituality.

3.      Associated rashi and behavior : As I said that this nakshatra covers both Aries and some part of Taurus sign. While in aries  sign, krittika has immense power of fire and energetic attitude of mars. Aries is also exhaltation place of sun . therefore there is more balanced use of energy in aries sign. Being in  aries sign is like a soldier who knows when and how to use the power to defend itself.
When degree comes in to Taurus sign , struggle of fire starts within us. Two opposite forces act simultaneously . sun being bright ,hot and pure , try to stay at one place and develop spiritually but venus , the lord of Taurus sign wants to go out and enjoy this material world. This tug of war of thoughts, creates a feeling of first enjoying the moment and then feeling guilt about it in next moment.

4.      Mythological story :  lord kartikeya  rules mars. Mars is the ruler of aries sign. Lord kartikeya was born as a plan of devas to kill tarakasur (taraka) demon. Taraka had a boon that no one can kill him besides the 7 day old son of shiva . since shiva was in deep meditation,kamdeva was appointed to disturb the meditation of shiva and obtain the semen of shiva in order to create his son.
Kamdeva somehow managed to get sperm of shiva and agni deva incubated it in 6 different krittikas. Six krittikas gave birth to 6 sons. Then goddess accepted them as her children and joined them together and made kartikeya from them. Now kartikeya had six head, 12 arms . 7 days old kartikeya killed taraka demon.this story indicates that krittika nakshatra has a great power to defeat evil and defend itself. Similarly if we have a planet in krittika, it is like an incubated or dormant power which will be ready for use in desired situatiuons. Therefore I advise all readers to use this power very wisely.

5.      Symbolic representation and its use : agni deva has a spear , axe, mashaal(torch), rosary beads(jap mala). Spear represent a weapon which can cut and burn the object similarly spear power can be used to cut our bad habits,ego,and progress to spirituality. Torch is representing the light source to see the path of truth and can be used to lit up multiple torches of pure  thoughts  in different dimensions. Axe is also representing a tool to cut our ego and useless pride and tamas guna. Rosary bead mala represent the spiritual side of krittika which is useful in controlling the out of control fire within. Lord parshuram also carried an axe with him with which he killed many demons also sage parshuram used rosary to maintain his spirituality to keep a control over his krittika fire.

6.      Result of different planets in krittika :

Ascendant : ascendant in krittika makes a person very energetic,truthful,ambitious,ready to accept challenges, big appetite,.we should look for strength of lagna lord as well.

Sun : sun in krittika makes a person with a liking of solitude, discipline, spiritual warrior, knows the art to control masses.
Moon : these people are very determined  in their thoughts, moon being nourishing planet, makes a person spiritual advisor or a healer. This happens in first half of krittika but when it is in Taurus part, moon becomes exhalted and gives more results of arts and beauty related streams.

Mars : mars in krittika makes a person very balanced nature. In other words as I discussed earlier that , in aries, mars knows how to handle the situations more maturely . yet they are aggressive but their aggression is not on destructive side instead they use their aggression to defend their side when required.

Mercury : mercury in krittika makes a person very intelligent and full of revolutionary ideas. Mercury is also a hot planet , so it can bear the heat of agni without loosing its vital qualities of intelligence  and good looks.

Venus : venus in krittika as I discussed earlier , is like a tug of war between innerself and outer self. Here venus will show more of its qualities of passion towards indulgences in materialism, luxury, art, love . but at the same time , inner core of pure fire/sun , keep motivating them to come back to solitude.

Saturn : Saturn in krittika is a good placement. Saturn is all about displine, hard work, continuous efforts. Saturn here knows how to control the power of agni and how to burn the evil inside us using this power.saturn is solitude lover and also considered as monk. These natives try to indulge themselves in yoga, kriya to improve their spirituality.

Rahu : rahu in krittika is like a devil has a remote control of a nuclear bomb. In astrology terms, rahu is uncontrolled expansion, therefore rahu here expands the volatile methane into sudden blast of fire and can destroy some delicate things of life. These people should use power of Saturn to restrict the expansion of rahu . other yogic kriyas also help to control excessive and sudden impacts of rahu.

Ketu : ketu here is not very happy . ketu is all about unsatisfaction and a break. Ketu avoids the exploration of reality and due to his headless body, ketu feels directionless and feels lost. These people need to meditate to develop spirituality in them. Ketu is a spiritual planet as well. These people should practice meditation to develop a power to listen to their intuition.

7.      Padha system of precise prediction : padhas are 4 different divisions of a nakshatra. These different padhas alter the result to a great extent.
1.      Sagittarius padha 26.40” aries to 30.00” aries:
This is pushkar navamsha. Being Sagittarius , it represent 9th position which is commonly considered as dharma sthan.being 9th navamsha of aries, all planets give good results here as this is pushkar navamsha.

2.      Capricorn padha 0.00” Taurus to 3.20” Taurus.:
Capricorn imparts its qualities of structural execution of any work here.saturn the lord of Capricorn provides a framework of a project. Mars in this padha becomes exhalted and gives best results as power of mars is now flowing through the organized framework of Capricorn. Jupiter feels down here and is bound in limited framework of Capricorn as a result Jupiter can not expand much in his wisdom  of dharma and knowledge. Guidance of a right guru will help to harness the Capricorn power and jupiters expansion.

3.      Aquarius padha 3.20” to 6.40” Taurus :
Aquarius is a fixed sign with airy nature. Here aquarius will pivot the krittika to the ground but at the same time airy nature of aquarius will keep blowing agni to high level.people having planet in this padha , should be carefull with their actions . learning to harness the airy nature of aquarius will help to use the agni power in helping the community and self progress.

4.      Pisces padha 6.40” to 10.00” Taurus :
This is the last padha of krittika and 3rd navamsha of Taurus sign. This is also pushkar navamsha . pushkar navamsha give great qualities to the planets here. Even if the planet is not helpful in chart, it start producing good results here. Good padha for venus , Jupiter. Mercury feels detached here as it becomes debilitated in pisces but still can produce good results at times because of pushkar navamsha.

8.      Holistic perspective based on body chakras and Ayurveda :
As per my analysis, the serpent energy moves upwards from root chakra to crown chakra. In this case , action/fierce energy from manipura chakra is entering into the territory of anahat chakra. Martian energy is moving upwards to heart chakra. Anahat chakra is all about compassion /love  where krittika find its true potential of sacrifice from pure love towards others.
Reciting seed mantra “ YAM” will bring awareness towards understanding of krittika sacrifice power ie sacrificing bad thoughts, emotional debris, etc.

From ayurvedic point , krittika nakshatra is “KAPHA” nature. Weaker placement of venus and moon in chart can create imbalance in kapha prakriti. Such imbalanced kapha can inturn bring imbalances in body  tissues,plasma, fat, mucus membranes , stagnating  watery emotions , over greed etc. doing regular yoga asana taught by a guru will help to balance and reduce negative results.

9.      Famous people born in this nakshatra : Harold robbins, George lucas , jim jones .