This dosha is found in most birth charts these days. it is been said that the person having kaal sarp in birth chart will face troubles in life ,especially financial problems! so this person is not capable to grow and get success in life.To understand this let me tell you first  how kaal sarp dosha forms. 
when all planets in a chart are in between the axis of rahu (north node) and ketu (south node).then kaal sarp dosha happens. in more detail i would say that  if a planet say example mercury and rahu are in a house together  and mercury is at 20 degree and rahu is at 20.9 degree then this is a kaal sarp dosh or if mercury is at 22 degree and rahu at 21 degree then there is no kaal sarp dosh.this is how an astrologer decides the kaal sarp dosh in birth chart. there is another point that most planets stay for longer time in chart and only moon is fastest planet  which changes sign in every 2.5 days, there fore it takes 15 days to come out of the trap of rahu ketu axis , Now if we think logically that while moon was in between rahu ketu axis  for 15 days , during this time millions of kids born in world with this dosha, SO does that mean ,these all kids will suffer a miserable life ? This sounds like funny!!. 
In addition to that astrologers are making new kinds of kaal sarp dosha, in my knowledge i know about 288 different types of Kaal Sarp Doshas, and there are even more ..
REALITY :  The reality of kaal sarp dosh is some thing different,
actually while doing a prediction we look into the placement of planets  like a regular placements, their degree power, what nakshatra they are in , what sign, any good or bad aspects on them.and more things .. so its not just a bad placement  if all planets comes in between axis of  rahu ketu , instead its  based on the true strength of planets.
there fore kaal sarp if in good signs and well placements then it becomes a yoga or if not then it can be a regular birth chart or below average chart.
These all astrologers are trying to target innocent people and scare them from this stupid dosha which even does not make any sense to any one, its merely a money making business for astrologers!! and pundits!!
please dont get misguided and use your own mind , after reading this article , i believe that my all  viewers will understand reality and save them from robbers