This article is a blessing of my Guru and Mentor without which I was not even able to write a single word.

In this article I will be covering following points:

1. Saturn and its connection with mooladhara.

2. Prerequisite to develop Saturn energy.

3. Related nakshatras and how those people need to cohere holistically.

4. Connecting through Ayurveda.

5. Hand gesture therapy / mudras.

6. Retrograde Saturn and its impact on mooladhara chakra.

As we all know that Saturn is always been a mystery for cosmic explorers. In this article, I am going to discuss about holistic side of Saturn. Saturn is known for its immense power, morality, teachings and a great personality developer. In mundane astrology we customarily confabulate about material benefits from planets. For example share market, gold, silver, speculation. In today’s life, we all are adopting mundane lifestyle and think about money, fame, power etc. Holistic life style is being ignored due to which our lives have become castrated.

When we talk holistic, we consider about energies of micro and macro universe. Micro universe are we humans and our internal energy patterns which are similar to outer energy (macro universe). These energies are channelizing 24/7 in our body and keeping us alive. These energies travel through seven chakras namely MOOLADHARA, SWADISHTHANA, MANIPURA, ANAHATA, VISHUDDHI, AGYA, and SAHASTRA. Out of all these chakras, mooladhara chakra (root chakra) is of great significance. Mooladhara chakra is ruled by Saturn. This chakra means “moola” “aadhar”. Moola means root and adhaar means foundation. Therefore this chakra is representing some deep rooted issues of our life at all levels.


1. Moola deals with deep rooted issues of life where as Saturn is a karmic planet which also deals with deep issues of this and previous births.

2. Moola represents resoluteness power, sense of security whereas Saturn represents discipline, hard work, honesty, constructive strategy. The quality of moola and Saturn thus together creates a spiritual and material life mechanics.


As I discussed that mooladhara is the bedrock of our body and our mind. Our whole life style is based on effective working of mooladhara chakra. To get most out of it, we need to comprehend the proviso of Saturn in general and also at micro level which is connoted via your birth chart. To understand this, we have to linchpin on the perineum part of body and practice chakra meditation. I suggest getting training from a yoga teacher. When you do chakra rumination followed by controlled breathing exercises, your base chakra starts spinning and you have to push the energy upwards towards next chakra (portal). Chanting seed mantra of Saturn or seed mantra of mooladhara while meditating is helpful in channelizing Saturn energy through the chakra. “Om sham shanicharaya namah:” Or “LAM”. From astrological point of view, Saturn is karaka of 6, 8, 10, 12 houses in Vedic astrology. Placement of Saturn in D1, D9, D20 charts will reveal the working quality of mooladhara chakra. Stronger placements Saturn helps to gain quick spiritual access whereas tough placement gives hindrances in smooth operation of mooladhara chakra.

Swami Vivekananda had Saturn in 9th house of dharma in D1. In 5th house of mantra siddhi in D9. In ascendant of D20 chart of spiritual progress. In D60 it was again placed in 9th house of dharma. This indicates that his powerful placement of Saturn motivated him to use his spirituality in establishment of universal dharma (look for Saturn in 9th house).


Nakshatras are key codes of exploring birth chart at higher and purest form. People who are born in Saturn nakshatras are carrying some significant karma from previous births. Saturn nakshatras are:

1. Pushya – 3.20 to 16.20 cancer/ Brihaspati deva/lotus flower/dharma motivation

2. Anuradha – 3.20 to 16.40 Scorpio/ mitra deva / lotus flower/ dharma motivation.

3. Uttara bhadra – 3.20 to 16.40 Pisces/ Ahir budhaniya deva/ twins sign/ Kama motivation


this nakshatra is entailing a lot of spiritual energy in it. Those who are born in this nakshatra are good teacher, advisor and artists and like to do selfless service with a caring nature along with perfect professionalism. Deity of this nakshatra is Guru Brihaspati which represents spiritual knowledge, wealth, health, respect and knowledge beyond the limits. Saturn try to restrict the overflow/expansion of knowledge and create the situations where native has to practically deal with challenges by using the wisdom imparted by Deva Guru Brihaspati. Practicing Jupiter pranayama namely Antara kumbhaka, Anuloma viloma, whistle breath. Practicing Saturn pranayama namely Bahyakumbhaka, Anuloma Viloma, Dirga pranayama.

In my opinion, best way to connect pushya natives with Saturn is by spreading awareness among camaraderie without any self-interest. Saturn represents poor and privileged. Therefore helping such people especially kids to go to school and get the education to progress in their life. Also praying/Pooja/homam of Dev Guru Brihaspati will help pushya natives to establish authentic spiritual knowledge in them. Reciting mantra: “Om gram greem graum sah guruve namah” is helpful in developing wisdom.


: This nakshatra is carrying a spark of cognizance. This nakshatra is about bringing the soul into the light of consciousness. Anuradha is responsible for esoteric transformation of native’s spiritual path. Saturn rules this nakshatra and deity MITRA rules this nakshatra. Mitra rules day light and it reveal the truth hidden in darkness. Day light here refers to the fears, greed, jealousy etc. in this materialistic world. These natives have tendency to fell in the trap of their materialistic weakness but deity MITRA helps them to come back on the path of divinity and truthfulness. Saturn helps to overcome the pain of weakness. Saturn gives endurance to natives to accept the situations which later turns into opportunities of spiritual development. If these natives practice non materialism, giving up selfishness, greed and spread selfless love to others then both Saturn and deity mitra will help the native to explore the truth of enlightenment. Reciting mantra of mitra is of great significance “Om shamno mitrah sham varunam.”


Uttra means higher level and bhadra means auspicious, blessed and beautiful. This nakshatra has a strong connection with past life deeds. The good deeds done in previous births are coming back to the native as his/her good luck. The real good luck comes in play when uttra bhadra native become spiritually active and start to analyze the life from extramundane view. This nakshatra is ruled by Saturn and deity is Ahir Budhaniya. Ahir budhaniya is one of 11 rudras associated water and darkness. Water here is the deep ocean of spirituality and it is dark at the sea bed. Ahir budhaniya represents snake which lives in dark mysterious ocean. Ahir budhaniya is rudra/warrior which lives deep in ocean and come back to the surface with invaluable secrets of ocean. This connotes that these natives often dive deep into the ocean of higher wisdom and come back the material world with experiences to share with community. Saturn being the ruler and significator of our karma releases the results of karmas of previous life. Pending karmic debts has to be paid by native. Saturn set up a tough terrain of karmic issues which forces the native to open the doors of inner consciousness and move towards the path of self-realization. Saturn is transformative, so guidance of a spiritual teacher is suggested for smooth karmic transformation. Reciting seed mantra for ahir budhaniya will help to embrace the spiritual transformation in easy way. “MEGHATMANE SHREEM NARASIMHAVAPUSHE NAMAH”


Saturn rules both longevity and diseases. Out of 3 biological humors namely vata, pitta, and kapha. Saturn rules vata dosha. Vata dosha works at both physical emotional levels. Physically it impacts bones, joints, and nervous, sensory orifices’. Emotionally it governs the dilapidation of old thoughts by transformation process. Saturn is censurable for all chronic diseases related to body and mind. Major engrossment to connect with Saturn is to stay in discipline. Most diseases arise in our body are the outcome of our undisciplined lifestyle. For example if we do not take enough calcium in our diet then eventually our bones will become weak which is vata disorder. Only organized food diet can help to avoid weak bones. Deep analysis of Saturn in birth chart is recommended to analyze the true nature of vata in the body of native.

MUDRAS(hand gestures).

Mudras are the hand gestures which are practiced by yogis and it’s a gift to the mankind from our rishis. Hand mudras hold important significance in fixing the problems related to Panchmahabhootas/elements in our body namely fire, air, space, earth, water. Saturn mudra is very helpful in maintaining healthy vata level. Mudras have to be done by both hands. One should not do mudra after having food or you can wait for 2 hours.

1. Joining the tip of index finger to the base of thumb joint and keeping other fingers straight as possible but don’t stress it. Here thumb should cover the index finger. Index finger is for air/Vayu/vata and represents Jupiter. This gesture is for therapy purpose. Look for illustration A.

2. Since we saw in illustration A that how to balance vata. Now we will see that how we can balance planetary energy of Saturn by using middle finger. If Saturn is debilitated or in unfavorable position in birth chart and mooladhara chakra is not in good shape, then we need to balance Saturn energy. If Saturn is malefic in chart then we should only use balancing mode. If Saturn is benefic in birth chart, then we should use strengthening mode and if Saturn is over active in birth chart then we can use diminishing mode to calm down excessive impulse of Saturn in body and mind.

3. Bring your tip of thumb to the base of middle finger to strengthen Saturn qualities in you. See illustration B

4. Bring tip of middle finger to the base of thumb and cover the middle finger with thumb. This is to diminish the over active Saturn energy which in turn makes mooladhara overactive. See illustration C.


1. Retrogression is tricky subject. In my analysis, the behavior of retrograde planet depends on its placement. Usually if a malefic planet is retrograde, it tends to create more problems if it is badly placed in birth chart.

2. A debilitated planet in chart behaves exalted.

3. Placement aspect and conjunction of planet in chart especially in 8th house. should always be considered before analyzing mooladhara.

4. In general if Saturn is retrograde in natal chart, it blocks or clogs the spinning of chakra. Also during the Saturn transit over exact natal degrees, will immensely impact the functionality of mooladhara chakra.

illustration A