today iam going to cover an important topic ie. vedic astrology and eclipsesof 2016. in this topic i will be discussing about , what is an eclipse?,is an eclipse good or bad?holistic view of eclipses,what to do and what not to do during an eclipse. this video is not just limited to year 2016 eclipses , but this article is useful to practically understand the behaviour of eclipses. so iam discussing mainly solar and lunar eclipse a solar eclipse happens when moon comes between sun and earth in a straight line and thus blocks sun rays to come on earth due to which we see darkness. a lunar eclipse happens when earth comes between sun and moon thus blocking sun rays to completely fall on moon.the shadow of earth falls on moon which creates lunar eclipse
. eclipses always happens in pairs, and this year pair of eclipses are as follows:
1. march 8th to 9th total solar eclipse
2. march 23 penumbral lunar eclipse
3. sep 1 annular solar eclipse
4. sep 16 to 17 penumbral lunar eclipse.
a.Total solar eclipse means when moon covers the sun rays to maximum level . this type of eclipse is the darkest eclipse.
b. penumbral lunar eclipse means when earth cast its shadow on moon but only to a certain area, this is called partial eclipse, we often confuse it with a full moon but actually earth is casting its faint shadow on moon.
c. annular eclipse means when moon covers the sun rays but not to its full extent and we can see a ring of light or fire around moon
. VEDIC MYTHOLOGY: there is also a mythology behind the eclipse, its been described in our vedas that , a pot of amrit/nectar came out in ocean churning, it was given to devas/gods, but asuras/devils tried to steal it. one of the devils " swarbhanu" pretended like a god and tried to take the nectar, sun and moon saw him and they informed vishnu who chopped off the head of that devil but it was too late since he had already drunk that immortal nectar, he didnt died but got split in two halves, which we know by rahu and ketu/ north node and south node. rahu is mouth of dragon and ketu is tail. since then they intercept the orbit of sun and moon and eclipse them. from vedic astrology point of view i would say that there is no need to worry or think that there is some divine force out there to punish some zodiac sign or a nakshatra in lunar mansion. my friends !! its just a natural phenomenon, natural routine work of universe. even famous personalities like " mark elliot zuckerzberg", king of italy victor emmanuel , charles vii king of france were born on the eclipse day. so why to worry ? there is a message hidden behind eclipses which we need to decode. today in this ARTICLE  iam going to reveal that secret code to you so we all can benefit from it, after knowing this secret , we all will be able to harness the eclipse energy in a more productive way. it will help you to come out of any negativity if you are still carrying along with you !
! So when an eclipse happens , it works as an agent of change which actually breaks the old energy patterns or shifting of dynamics. and it forms a new energy patterns. remember whenever there are big shifts , the new energies come into play which opens new doors for us and energize us at subtle level. Sun is our soul and Moon is our mind , in otherwords , sun eclipse brings changes related to fullfillment of karma of soul, our father, ambitions,public prestige etc where as moon eclipse brings changes related to our thoughts which help us to take a right direction , karma towards mother , healing and helping community.etc
. After the eclipse is over , we should give ourself some time to think that whats new is happening, what doors of opportunities are opening ? which doors are closed? what your subconsious mind tells you to do ? Since this channel is about holistic stuff so i would definitely like to discuss about holistic point of view:
CHAKRAS /ENERGY PORTALS: 1. sun is our soul and moon is our mind . they both represent agya chakra /third eye chakra. this chakra has power to differentiate between right and wrong situations , this chakra is our higher wisdom. during and after we should definitely meditate on our third eye /centre of forehead.this help you to analyse that which opportunity or energy pattern is right for you.
2. doing sun mudra and moon mudra balances our ida and pingala nadis which again represents our soul and mind combination/balancing of masculine and feminine energies.
3.chanting seed mantra of aum/om will help to awaken the sense of eternal happiness and clear vision.
WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO : 1.If you are going on shopping or buying anything expensive then delay it for some time until effect of eclipse finishes.
2. dont plan any surgery during this time unless its an emergency.
3. dont sign any contract papers/deals/partnership during this time.
4. dont directly look at eclipse as the rays coming from eclipse are harmful for eyes. you can use a pinhole projector to see the eclipse clearly and safely.
5.pregnent women should stay at home and avoid going outside
6. after eclipse is over, throw away left over food and drinks
. 7. if possible do fasting before and after eclipse for few hours.
8.avoid any negative habits during an eclipse instead try to read holy books.

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