In this article i will discuss following points :

1. Meaning of Bharani

2. Deity ,planetary ruler and respective animal.

3. Zodiac sign and symbolism

4.Puranic story

5.How Different planets behave in Bharani nakshatra.

6. Holistic application

7. Famous people born in this nakshatra

1.MEANING OF BHARANI : Bharani means " bearing" something which is creative and unique . Bharani represents female sexual power required to create a new life,a new thought ,a new revolution.People born in this nakshatra have a great sense of expression to divinity.These people like to take away impurities of community and inner self and fill up with new ideas and thoughts.Bharani lies in aries sign from 13.20" to 26.40" aries.

2. DEITY,PLANETARY RULER AND RESPECTIVE ANIMAL : "Yama" is deity of this nakshatra who controls the death process. He is also known as "god of deaths" .Yama wears blood red color garments , crown on head, rides on a buffalo.He holds a club in one hand and noose(paash) in other hand to catch the soul of a person. This noose ties around the neck of the soul and yama drags the soul to "yampuri"( city of yama). His job is to take away the life and send the spirit through transformation process in order to teach the soul a lesson of life to become more productive and progress towards enlightnment. This nakshatra is represented by Elephant. Elephant is the symbol of power , authority, high social status. In older times , kings used to ride on elephants with all decorations to show their power .Even devas(gods) like INDRA, BRIHASPATI, GODDESS GAJA LAXMI used elephant as their vehicle.Elephants like vegetarian food , so as these natives possess satvik qualities in them.

Planetary ruler is venus . Venus is called perfection , life saver,devil guru. Venus is related to sexuality . These natives have desire to explore more sexual possibilities but their intention is more towards divine sexuality.If bharani people control their excessive emotions, they can prove to be very successfull person with balanced sexuality.

3. ZODIAC SIGN AND SYMBOLISM :Mars is ruler of Aries sign .Mars is all about Frisk, passion and action where as venus is inner sexuality. When these two planets work in good placement in chart,it can be an ideal situation of inner exploration of the soul, in other words , its like "beauty and beast".Where as if mars and venus in the birth chart are not in favourable position then it gives imbalanced sexual desires/lust.

This nakshatra represent "YONI" female sexual organ, which plays an important role in landing of a soul on this earth.Since this nakshatra rashi is Aries which represents "RAM" animal if we look at face of a ram , we see the rounded horns as falliopen tubes and skull as uterus of a female.This co relates with nature of bharani nakshatra.Yoni symbol is used world wide as a sign of transformation. In some cultures,people make a yoni shaped figure and pass the new born baby through it as a ritual of transformation of life.

4. PURANIC LEGEND : According to puranic story, "SURYA" (SUN GOD) had wife "SANJANA". Sanjana left surya as she couldn't bear the heat of surya. Sanjana made "CHAYA" as her replacement until she comes back. Surya had a son named "YAMA". from chaya, surya had three children,Saturn was one of them. Chaya gave step treatment to Yama due to which he felt bad and ignored. Yama tried to hit chaya with his foot but chaya cursed him that his foot will fell , since then yama has one foot broken. Surya found the chayas cruel behaviour and step treatment towards yama. Surya burnt down chaya in anger. Soon saturn found this injustice to his mother and he became enemy with his father.When ever saturn comes in 20 degree in Aries, it gets debiliated and creates tough situations to native.
   With respect to this story, these natives often feel as if they are mistreated, step treated in their family. Some natives may have problem related to foot. Yama is related to the world of spirits/ghosts,malefic placement especially 12 th house involvement may cause native to see spirits/ghosts.In such cases , one should do shradh ceremony for his ancestors and feed crows.

a. Ascendent : person is happy nature, fond of family,arts, jewellery.They have a blended nature of luxury desires and spirituality.
b. Sun : sun in bharani makes a person with a nature of superiority in their thoughts but mostly , they can control their anger issues to do adjustment with the situation.
c. Moon : moon in bharani directly works at inner level of native .They want to achieve every thing in life but sometime they have a feeling of neglected by own people.They often are interested in occult sciences.Placement of mars and venus is important .Aggression of mars can create hasty decisions and affilicted venus can create imbalanced sexuality.
d. Mars : mars here is good as it is present in own sign .Thus it makes native full of courage and positive attitude.He has more control over his actions.
e. Mercury: mercury is all about logic, intellect/intelligence/grey matter.It will help native to take decisions wisely after doing full analysis of a situation.This gives native ,a peaceful life.
f. Jupiter : jupiter is guru /teacher.The native will have interest in gaining knowledge an dfollowing dharma.It is an expansion planet which is reflected in life style also.These natives want to do everything very big and at its fullest as possible.
g. Venus : person is more interested in beauty ,artwork ,sexuality,luxury. other factors depend on position of mars in the chart.
h. Saturn: saturn is not happy here , its a debiliation sign and saturn gives problems in relationship with father also.This can be anger of native towards his father/her father.
i. Rahu : rahu here is very powerful . rahu is also expansion but it is not like jupiters expansion. rahu is uncontrolled expansion.These natives like to go to their extremes. it can be extreme of a habit like drinking, sex,smoking etcRahu is also confusion and native find hard to clarigy in thoughts about right and wrong things in life.
j. Ketu : ketu here opposes and it squeeze down the thoughts and doesnt allow native to step up and take action. It creates the sense of guilt as " why i did this ?".
1. 13.20" TO 16.40" ARIES PADHA LEO : it is the 5 th navamsha of aries , it brings sun energy and sense of intellect love with passion. this is a good padha.
2. 16.40" to 20.00" virgo padha : even though this padha brings a sense of analytical thinking but venus here is considered debiliated and creates disharmony in relationship. where as if mercury is here then it is exhalted and can create over indulgence in analytical thoughts which can further confuse native.
3. 20.00" to 23.20" libra padha : it is considered a good padha . here sun is debiliated but this padha being pushkar navamsha, it help sun to maintain its superiority. Saturn is exhalted here , even though saturnis considered debiliated in Aries sign but if present in libra padha, it becomes powerful
4. 23.20" to 26.40" scorpio padha : here most planets experience big transformations , spirituality and evolution of new life /sudden changes.Yama power is more in action which brings the sense of right and wrong.
6. HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE : Venus rules this nakshatra and in aries rashi , venus represents ANAHAT chakra and manipura chakra (solar plexus ) is rrepresented by mars(aries lord). Anahata is love /intimacy and mars is the trigger to it.Good working anahat and solar plexus chakra gives very balanced sexual desires and control over passion/ creates love for all universe. From Ayurvedic point of view, this nakshatra represents PITTA prakriti( fire /hot nature of body).These natives should avoid eating spicy food and alcohol. They should drink soothing drinks like Bel juice, carrot juice etc.Doing regular yoga asnas also help to controll excess pitta. Recite mantra "RAM" for bringing solarplexus chakra in balance.recite " YAM" to bring anahata portal in balance.
7.FAMOUS PEOPLE BORN : Karl Marx , Tony Blair, William Hurst , saddam hussein etc.