so check out some important points discussed about Ashwini Nakshatra :

1. Meaning of Ashwini and its cosmic address.

2. Deity and mythological story

3. Ruling planet and Sign of Ashwini.

4. Symbol and its reflection in our life.

5. Desire of Ashwini.

6. Different planets in Ashwini nakshatra and their behaviour.

7.Padha/ micro degree progression

. 8. Holistic chakra system and Ayurvedic view of this nakshatra.

9.Special people born in this nakshatra

As we all know that birth chart gives us an insight about our lives. Different systems of astrology are being used world wide . The most oldest system of predicting is Nakshatra/lunar mansion concept.It gives us deep and practical information about person's life.

1.MEANING OF ASHWINI AND ITS COSMIC ADDRESS : Ashwini means a person who trains the horses. it is also known as star of transport.This nakshatra is in Aries sign from 0.00" to 13.20".Horse holds an important meaning for this nakshatra .According to vedas (ancient texts), these horses are our desires,our sensations and energies .Ashwins ride a golden chariot and are considered as the controllers of this Golden Chariot and also our desires and sensations.This nakshatra holds a great quality of giving and having hope for a better tomorrow.According to RIG VEDA ,Ashwin kumars(twins) ride on Golden chariot in sky and appear in twilight which indicates the bridge between Dusk and Dawn , which further indicates the hope of upcoming brightness of the day after a long mysterious night. The same concept reflects in our life too. Ashwins brings a new hope to native's soul and also some past life experiences along with it.

2. DEITY AND MYTHOLOGICAL STORY: Ashwini kumars are twins and are sons of SARAYANA , the wife of SURYA(sun god).Ashwin kumars are the healers to the God .They are considered as administrator of herbal medicine and healing therapies.Since they represent two faces of same coin ie. they form a bridge between past and present karma , day and night .In todays days we see these people work as musicians , architects,fast drivers,sports,healers,spiritualist,therapist,doctors,police, sales person etc.Ashwini kumars were the first to procure honey and use it as medicine.Ashwini kumars also restored sage CHYAVAN 'S youth and eye sight.The herbal formula for being young and healthy is still used and known by the name of " chayavan prash"

. MYTHOLOGICAL STORY : This story is about the birth of this nakshatra , which is related to the birth of ashwini kumars.Surya(sun) and Sanjana got married . Sanjana was daughter of sage Vishwamitra.Even though marriage was going fine but there was a problem which was bothering Sanjana, the problem was the excess heat of Surya which was unbearable for Sanjana.Sanjana used her mystical powers and and created an another wife named CHAYA (shadow).Soon after this , Sanjana left Surya and went away to meditate for getting strength to tolerate the heat of sun.Soon she realized her mistake but it was too late, she felt guilty and wanted to please her husband. She took the form of a female horse and lived in a jungle and wait for her husband to come back one day and forgive her for her mistake. Surya was desperately searching for her and finally he found Sanjana and also took the form of a horse and started living with her, they produced the twins called Ashwini kumars. Ashwini kumars are thus also a symbol of true love, sacrifice,forgiveness. This also represents horses as Desires , because of strong desire, sanjana was able to get her husband back in her life.



3. RULING PLANET AND SIGN OF ASHWINI : Ashwini nakshatra is ruled by planet Ketu/south node.Ketu is usually considered as malefic planet in vedic astrology. but ketu is a very spiritual planet, accoring to chinese astrology , ketu is called the tail of the dragon. Tail is the exit part of body which exits all digested karma in the form of results.Natives having ashwini nakshatra are strongly attached to their past life karmas.They are reborn to untangle the mystery of their past life issues and approach towards enlightnment or moksha.These natives has a nature to live in ideal enviroment where everyhthing is in perfection and balance.This type of situation is practically impossible due to which they feel some kind of unsatisfaction from their surroundings and life.In this kaliyuga , our war is between our inner demon and inner deva(angel).These natives often feel as if they are fighting an endless war within them where they want to win over their material desires and become an ideal person.

Ashwini nakshatra is in Aries sign which is ruled by Mars.Mars is a courageous planet which gives Ashwini natives enough energy to move towards moksha/enlightnment.Since these people are natural healers , they require a lot of energy to heal people which comes from aries sign.The esoteric combination of Mars and Ketu creates a spiritual warrior whose primary goal is to sacrifice themself , sacrifice all materialism and progress towards enlightnment. A Full power Ashwini can sacrifice themselves to heal the humanity.

4. SYMBOL AND ITS REFLECTION IN OUR LIFE : Ashwini nakshatra is represented by horse and horse head,ears.Horse represents frisk nature, horse is like a free animal in a jungle who want to do whatever his desire is.Horse likes to run fast which comes with strong foot and strong muscles. Ashwini natives also show similar characters, these people have a nature to move quickely on their foot, they like speed due to which they often become good fast drivers or any type of transportation ,they dont like to be tamed or controlled forcefully, they want to do their work in office /business etc , without pressure. Horse is a creature who become good life long trustfull friend, similarly these people make friends and are devoted to them with loyality.Ears represent alertness and capability to hear special sounds which may be inaudible to many others.These natives are very alert and very sensitive to the voices around them.if there are affilictions in chart, then there can be ear problems.

5. DESIRE OF ASHWINI : Ashwini native has a main desire to attain Dharma in their life.These people are focused on getting everything done by right way. They dont like to cheat and go against morals. they like to live respectfully and moral life. They have their own views about the welfare of community /country and whole world. They want whole world to think dharmic way and live moral life which is practically impossible .This leads to unsatisfaction in ashwini natives as they feel that they are born in wrong yug(era).


A .in lagna ,native is very adventurous, likes to lead in all areas,they are good healers, but they need to controll their confronting behaviour, impatience often leads to wrong decisions.

B. If sun , then it is exhalted and most powerfull here. this gives native a very positive and executive behaviour.person has a capability to lead big groups and bring the necessary change.

C. Moon here shows mind full of aggression, moon is fast mover , so it brings quick new ideas . If their ideas are ignored and not appreciated enough, they start loosing interest and get quickely bored .they are also great healers and advisors.

D. mars here is in own sign and is happy here. person will be more positive attitude. what ever he think, he will achive with successfull plan without any hesitation.

E. mercury is also our intellectual mind , here mind becomes aggressive.if mercury placement is not good then person can go against social norms and bring negative revolutionary ideas. but if placement is good then vice versa

F. jupiter loves here , as this nakshatra is about healing humanity. jupiter being itself knowledge ,wisdom,healing etc , feels at home. these people like to advice and teach people.

G. venus in this nakshatra is not a very good placement , even though these natives get balanced but it takes some important sacrifices in life to bring relations in harmony.venus get fiery and takes quick decisions in relationships which often lead to breakups .

H. saturn is at its weaker level as it is debiliated here and it creates troubles with father relations. since ashwini kumars are sons of surya and saturn is rejected son of surya. saturn tries to complicate the relationship between father and his native.person can become frustrated and belligerent and keep doing same mistake again and again until he finds a guru to calm down and teach him the art of controlling the desires.

I. rahu and ketu are actually reerograde motion and indicates end of the life cycle . the spiritual knot of life is about to open but rahu being curosity and pull of gravity, brings our thoughts back to ground. spiritual knot has to be opened in order to see the real purpose of life. only true guidance of a spiritual guru can help open this knot

7. PADHAS : ashwini has 4 padhas:

Aries padha : 0.00" to 3.20" : its a favourable position where this nakshatra shows its full potential.both sun and saturn are strong here. sun is strong because of its exhaltation sign. saturn is also good because even though it is debiliated in aries but in aries padha, it becomes vargottama which is capable to produce good results.

Taurus padha : 3.20" to 6.40" : its 2nd navamsha of aries.here moon is happy in its exhaltation sign , rahu is also good in taurus sign. ketu is debiliated here.moon here provides native with strong mind and balance.ketu here gives a sense of uncomplete tasks which need to be finished in this birth and person start feeling lack of mental piece and refrains from enjoyment.

Gemini padha : 6.40" to 10.00" : 3rd navamsha of aries is all about intellect , amazing ideas, intimacy between two people. this is a neutral position for any planet and thus any planet here acts neutral with a touch of sexuality.

Cancer padha : 10.00" to 13.20" : its 4 th navamsha, cancer is emotion sign. it is favourable position for moon but not a good position for mars. even though it is aries sign but padha is of cancer which is weak position of mars which pulls the emotions of person in the huge tides and feels lost and insecure in emotional relatioship.on the other hand jupiter is exhalted here and brings lot of emotional wisdom, dharma, knowledge.

8. HOLISTIC CHAKRAS AND AYURVEDIC VIEW : This nakshatra is related to Manipura chakra/solar plexus. This nakshatra is in the sign of aries whose lord is mars ans also nakshatra lord is ketu which itself similar to mars.Manipura chakra is controlled by mars. manipura chakra reveals our action and courage.mars also represents courage and action. reciting mantra " RAM" brings solar plexus chakra in to balance. From ayurvedic view , this nakshatra represents vata(air).our ideas travel in air to communicate, so we need to watch out for our thinking nature. too much thinking can lead to stress.controlling vata nature by yoga postures can help reduce stress and bring digestion of food in balance.