Many of us staying or born abroad want to keep connected with their roots . For them iam sharing a very auspicious day called Akshaya Tritiya. In vedic astrology, akshaya tritiya has its own special place. All festivals we celebrate has some puranic story behind it which gives a spiritual message to the whole human race.Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated in india among hindu and jain community. Its significance lies in its name , AKSHYA means the one which can never stop or end and TRITIYA means the third lunar day of vaisakh month (new year of hindu calender).This is the best time to take important decisions related to everyday work as well as spiritual development. to take full advantage , it is advisable to buy gold, silver etc, signing a contract, starting a book etc on this day. anything started on this day with full devotion , will never stop giving its positive results. Donating to needy people on this day is also very auspicious and adds to your good karma. on this day , moon is in its 3rd lunar day and exhalted ,sun is also in its exhaltation sign of aries.This day is celebrated by worshipping lord vishnu and goddess laxmi. There is a mythological story behind this day. During the time of exile of pandavas, one day lord krishna visited pandavas in jungle. Krishna came from long journey and was hungry, so he asked Draupadi for food, draupadi sadly said that they have just one grain of rice left and nothing else. Lord krishna smiled and honoured that grain as food. He then blessed pandavas with a magical pot called AKSHYA . this pot is said to have never ending food supply, enough to feed all pandavas during exile. Ever since then people celebrate this day by worshipping vishnu for giving us uninterrupted supply of food and necessary things in our life. Also on this day , sixth incarnation of lord vishnu was born whom we know by the name of khsatriya brahmin ie. lord PARSHURAM . Lord parshuram had saved human race from kshatriyas and demons who were killing innocents at that time. Astrological importance : on this day , moon is in its exhalted place in Mrigshira nakshatra and sun is also exhalted in Bharani nakshatra. in vedic astrology, moon is our mind and sun is our soul . on this day , our mind and soul are at horizon ie. they are merging together. sun in bharani indicate rejuvination of soul/new energy in soul and moon in Mrigshira indicates the perfect use of mind and intellect to win over the illusions in mind. This year , on this day , moon is in 3rd lunar day ie. waxing crecent phase .This day is monday which is the moon's own day !!. Moon is in the process of regeneration. After this , moon start becoming bigger and reaches to full moon. Regeneration of moon is like sowing a seed of hope and all efforts with your passion and devotion,faith in a work . As the moon grows bigger and brighter, our hope , power, devotion, passion , efforts also grow with it. That is why i refer it as a seed of development. On this day , if we decide to move ahead in life , signing a contract,buying expensive things etc, its results are also illuminated like moon. On this day, many planets are retrograde: mars retrograde in scorpio, mercury retrograde in aries, saturn retrograde in scorpio Rahu and ketu are always retrograde. jupiter is going direct in Leo from this day Have you ever thought of using retro motion/stereoscopic motion of planets in your benefit ? Do you know how to harness this reverse energy? iam going to discuss that how you can get best opportunities from this big cosmic ocean: Retrograde planets may sound scary and tough to some people, but astrology is not about creating fears , its all about illuminating our lives with the candle of self realization of karma. when we have a retrograde planet in transit, it means that the planet want you to look back and analyse your past karma related to that planet and make a pure honest judgement to fix the issues. this is the reason , retro planets knock on the door of our soul to give us deep insight of our inner issues which needs to be fixed.retrograde planets impact more internally than externally. Mars retrograde in Scorpio in Anuradha nakshatra: here mars is indicating us to look back and gather the courage to stand up and restore the process of regeneration of natural 8th house. saturn being the lord of this nakshatra and natural ruler of 8th house , is setting up boundaries for mars to keep the courage and transformational energy in discipline. Mercury retrograde in Aries in Bharani Nakshatra: here mercury is indicating us to analyse our mental capabilities , what we really need to improve in our intellect? did we had any unfinished communications in past, its the time to look back into unfinished tasks and deal with them using your communication abilities.Bharani nakshatra is a star of restraint . Mercury naturally rules 3rd house and 6th house of kaal purush .it is also indicating us to analyse your working enviroment and use your communication and ideas to unlock the door of karma to bring a new life into these houses. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in Jyeshtha Nakshatra : Here saturn is indicating us to look into pending 8th house matters. scorpio represents natural 8th house . Jyeshtha means elder/supreme/superior. saturn represents hard work and self efforts , this nakshatra also demands self efforts to achieve the highest point in this house of deep secrets and transformation.saturn here makes us realize the importance of self respect ,discipline, self confidence in proving ourself through inner transformation. Jupiter is going direct on this day in Leo in Purva phalguni nakshatra : jupiter is a divine planet. jupiter here in leo is indicating us to move ahead with our love matters with full loyality and promise. this nakshatra represents marriage bond, lord shiva had married in this nakshatra. lord of this star is venus which is a significator of new creations/new life./pleasure/fun.its the time to create something new in your life and to serve it with full devotion and loyality along with enjoying all pleasures in a philosophical way. Ayurvedic perspective : sun ,mercury,venus, are in Bharani nakshatra in aries sign. aries and this nakshatra represent pitta dosha . eating balanced diet, avoiding spicy food, avoiding alcohol and doing cobra pose in yoga can bring pitta dosha in balance. Holistic chakra system : working on retrograde planets through chakra healing /balancing , help to direct the retrograde energy in to useful direction. meditating on vishudhi chakra, anahata chakra, manipura chakra will help to soothe the body . you can also recite seed mantra: vishudhi/throat chakra: HAM Anahata /heart chakra:YAM Manipura/navel chakra : RAM Transits keep changing , motion of planets change too, i will keep you all posted about transits in future.Enjoy this auspicious day and get endless blessings . written by - vikrant sharma


We wake up in morning and start our usual routine with a cup of coffee and news paper or magazines. this is a fashion as well as requirement of our daily life, many of us read a coloumn in a corner of newspaper of ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS FOR THIS WEEK FOR ALL SIGNS.
Then we start reading it and it becomes a habit eventually as we start applying those predictions in our everyday life. for example if predictions say that your week will pass in enjoyment and lots of fun  and you are happy after this and suddenly you fell sick and on bed for a week or so then where does this predction go !!!
In another example it might say that if you start a new venture today then big losses may happen, on other hand ,you did the venture and ran that venture successfully for years and years!! then where does this predction goes ?!!
SO If we look into it logically , we find that there are 12 zodiac signs which are predicted in general, that means there are only 12  kind of people in this world. and this is not true as we all know that there are millions kazillions of people in world and every one is unique and different nature from each other,SO HOW we are supposed to see common zodiac predction for all signs, doesnt matter if two people have same sun signs but their natures are totally different from each other which is due to differnt ascendent sign and different moon signs and also the stars they are sitting in and many more factors are considered,,..
the right wey to do predction is to look into birth chart of person and suggest readings based on current transits of planets,
so please dont waste your time in following the astrological guidance from newspapers and magazines. this will ruin your life and will diappoint you always


We all hear about this dosha often when we talk about marriage, this is one of varoius very famous doshas in vedic astrology. To have a better idea , lets see how this dosha is created in a birth chart
when a person has mars placed in either of following houses in a birth chart at the the time of birth 1st,4th,7th,8th and 12th houses, then manglik dosha forms, according to tamil astrology, if mars is in 2nd house then also the person is manglik.
now if we count the mars placement houses, it comes out to be six houses out of 12  houses of a birth chart. that means , half of population of kids born has mars placed in either of houses at any time because  ascendent keeps changing after every 2.5 hours, this shows that 50 % of population has manglik dosha in different ways.
now other way to look into manglik is to look same houses from venus of the person, which means if mars is placed in 1st,4th,7th,8th,12th houses from venus, then there will be another 50% people have this kind of dosha,
now we have 100% population manglik, !!! some astrologers also see from jupiter and moon too,
this continues on and on... never ends !! This is funny and nonsense!!!
being a manglik is nothing but the placement of mars in different signs , nakshatra, upnakshatra,good or bad aspects on it ! through which we predict incedents of the life.
another misconception is that if manglik person marries marries a non manglik then non manglik person will die or health of spouse will always suffer badly
Tell me one thing that how can we see the age of spouse and health of spouse from their partners birth chart ??
this is completely non sense , some ones age and health is only seen from their own horoscope and not from their husband or wifes birth charts.
in another misconception , people marry their daughter to vishnu or some other sacred God, or some times with a KALASH ( clay pot), then divorce their daughter with that god and then remarry her with a regular boy !!!
firstly , if you marry your daughter with god, then she is supposed to be a goddess now , and how a goddess can marry to another man after divorce from god ?
we just do it for fulfilling our stupid old empty cultures , which are totally non sense and has become a money making business for numerous astrologers and pundits
pujas doesnt help , only right thing to do is  to go to a good astrologer and do match making of both couples, and discuss the negative aspects with astrologer, he can tell that at what point, the problem comes in married life,
those problems are 99% related to ego issues, because we dont have manglik problem , we have PEOPLE problems, once the people problem is solved , doshas will be removed automatically,
The only genuine reason behind it is that Mars is a passionate planet and where ever sits in a birth chart, it imparts passion in those fields of interests in those houses, therefore if manglik marry manglik then their energy passion level will be more identical which helps in building good relationship
on the other hand , if non manglik marry a manglik, the non manglik person will feel like little hard to adjust with the energy passion level of spouse, which all depends on your understanding
so please stop fearing from MANGLIK DOSHA, it is nothing and waste of time and money making businness for fraud astrologers 


Once again folks, iam writing this article on a very special event which is coming in May. I always try to write something about those festivals and events which are close to our hearts.
In this article I will discuss about :

1.      Meaning of Sita Navami ,puranic myth behind this festival.
2.      Spiritual ,karmic, astrological significance.
3.      Holistic view based on our subtle body chakras
4.      Ayurvedic significance.
5.      Celebration in India : May 15th 2016 , puja muhurat starts at 10.56 am  to 13.38 pm
6.      Celebration in United States : May 14th 2016 ,puja muhurat 11.26 am to 14.18 pm

Sita Navami  is celebrated all over India and different parts of the world with full faith and love. Sita Navami is also called as Janaki Navami. This festival is celebrated in observance of birth of goddess Sita . Sita was wife of God RAMA.On this day , ladies do fasting for long life of their husband.
This day is celebrated on 9th lunar day of waxing moon (Shukla paksha) in the month of vaisakh . According to hindu calender, vaisakh is considered as month of april/may.

Puranic myth : King Janak was ruling over Mithila . After many efforts, he couldn’t get a child. Also during that time Mithila was facing draught. There was no water and people were dying of thirst. Lands were unable to produce any food without water. King Janak decided to perform a big yagna and plough the fields himself with a golden plough. When he started ploughing, he came across a golden casket which had a baby wrapped in a cloth. He was shocked to see a baby girl alive under the ground. His fatherly feelings couldn’t stop him to adopt that baby girl. Since she came out while ploughing the land , king named her SITA. As soon as he gave her the name , Mithila got soaked in water with rains and land became fertile again. Sita is also called AYONIJA because she did not came out of a uterus. She is also known as Dharti Putri ie the daughter of mother earth. Other names are Vedavati (sita was Vedavati in past birth), Vishnupriya.

Karmic significance: This festival lights up the Deepak of keeping faith,love,devotion and loyality towards our life partner.

Spiritual significance : This story clearly indicates its spiritual meaning, that inspite of all odds , we should not stop progressing in life. If a king can plough the field like a farmer to save his residents from hunger, then we should also forget our ego and plough our path to sow the seeds of happiness,faith,love,trust, which will come out as blessings  in the form a spiritual tree, same way the king Janak found blessing as SITA  from under the ground after ploughing his fields.

Astrological significance:
1.Sun is transiting in KRITTIKA nakshatra whose ruler is ,Agni God and a hot blade.in vedic astrology , sun is our soul and during this transit, sun is imparting a message to us to kill our inner darkness, our inner demon  with this fierce power of Agni and make our soul a pure soul.
sun is also significator of  10 th house of profession. Here it is indicating us to burn all old setbacks and our past mistakes, instead of carrying the weight of all debris , burn it down and recycle it into a new form of opportunity.

2. Moon is transiting in PURVA PHALGUNI  nakshatra in leo sign.purva means east direction, phal means fruit, guni means good qualities. This nakshatra is ruled by venus and it represents comfort, happiness, desires, children etc.
Moon represents our mind and it indicates us to enjoy all materialistic life, have fun with family and kids but being in a leo sign like a king, we should not forget our duties and our efforts towards attaining our higher self by focusing on dharma and spiritual practices.

3. Mercury , Venus are transiting in Aries sign and in BHARANI nakshatra. Here mercury is retrograde and giving a sense of realizing your inner deep thoughts and ideas. It’s the time to sow the seeds of plans and ideas until they turn out to be a sibling, as soon as mercury retrograde is over , you can plant those siblings to make a tree of fruits.
venus is also in this nakshatra and indicating some nourishing energy to heal your creativity and divine sexuality to create a new life after death.yama indicates death of a being and venus is multiplier of communities by sowing seeds of life.
 So see what you can sow as a seed to create a new thing in your life ?

4. Mars on this day is retrograde  in scorpio in ANURADHA  nakshatra. Mars is joined with Saturn. Saturn rules this nakshatra and here  this nakshatra is indicating us to control our anger/ passion/desires and since mars is retrograde , it is making us think internally about our inner soul desires of getting higher self. Saturn is setting up the boundaries for mars to stay in control and not to act like a blind soldier.
 Ask yourself that what you have to work on , either your anger, passion or desires ?

5. Saturn is transiting in scorpio in JYESHTHA nakshatra in retrograde motion. Saturn is our solitude,our sence of judgement,patience,spirituality.saturn is in scorpio sign of transformation , in this nakshatra, Saturn tries to detach us from materialistic world and progress towards spirituality. For those who seek higher wisdom, can use the energy of this nakshatra by opening the spiritual knot in this sign called GANDANTA. Opening this spiritual knot with the help of a spiritual teacher will lead you to another realm of higher consciousness .

6.  Rahu is transiting in leo in PURVA PHALGUNI nakshatra. Ketu is transiting in aquarius in PURVA BHADRA nakshatra. Rahu is indicating you to open the gateway of destiny wisely.rahu is planet of illusion, we should decide whether to enjoy just material stuff or listen to the call of soul ?
Ketu is indicating here to remain detached from our desires and try to attain moksha by sharing experiences and flow help for others like flowing water.

Holistic perspective: The most important part of vedic study is being holistic. The more we connect ourselves to nature, more we stay healthy and tuned. Jupiter and moon are closer to each other this day and it’s a wonderful time to meditate on our swadishthana chakra. Moon is mind and related to agya chakra. Therefore intervening of agya chakra and swadishthana chakra brings our passions ,creativity and expansion in harmony with our sense of analyzing right and wrong things.
Beej mantra for swadishthana chakra(sacral chakra) is VAM
Beej mantra for agya chakra(third eye chakra) is OM
Our left nostril represents ida nadi and right nostril represent pingala nadi. Ida is moon and pingala is sun . doing controlled breathing through ida nadi, helps to bring body and mind in balance. It also helps in spinning of agya chakra.
Ayurvedic significance:
During this month, pitta prakriti(fire) is on the rise in our body, consumption of too much spicy food can create excess pitta which can disrupt digestive system like diarrhea . by consuming citrus fruits , lemon water, and also a wonderful sacred fruit called  BHEL . BHEL is known as “ aegle marmelos”. Bhel fruit has great digestive properties. Also it is known as fruit of SHIVA. Bhel has great cooling effect on body.Doing cobra pose asana can control excess pitta problems.
Please note that all above remedies are suggestion, please consult a yoga teacher and ayurvedic doctor for more precise prescription depending on your body constitution.


today iam going to cover an important topic ie. vedic astrology and eclipsesof 2016. in this topic i will be discussing about , what is an eclipse?,is an eclipse good or bad?holistic view of eclipses,what to do and what not to do during an eclipse. this video is not just limited to year 2016 eclipses , but this article is useful to practically understand the behaviour of eclipses. so iam discussing mainly solar and lunar eclipse a solar eclipse happens when moon comes between sun and earth in a straight line and thus blocks sun rays to come on earth due to which we see darkness. a lunar eclipse happens when earth comes between sun and moon thus blocking sun rays to completely fall on moon.the shadow of earth falls on moon which creates lunar eclipse
. eclipses always happens in pairs, and this year pair of eclipses are as follows:
1. march 8th to 9th total solar eclipse
2. march 23 penumbral lunar eclipse
3. sep 1 annular solar eclipse
4. sep 16 to 17 penumbral lunar eclipse.
a.Total solar eclipse means when moon covers the sun rays to maximum level . this type of eclipse is the darkest eclipse.
b. penumbral lunar eclipse means when earth cast its shadow on moon but only to a certain area, this is called partial eclipse, we often confuse it with a full moon but actually earth is casting its faint shadow on moon.
c. annular eclipse means when moon covers the sun rays but not to its full extent and we can see a ring of light or fire around moon
. VEDIC MYTHOLOGY: there is also a mythology behind the eclipse, its been described in our vedas that , a pot of amrit/nectar came out in ocean churning, it was given to devas/gods, but asuras/devils tried to steal it. one of the devils " swarbhanu" pretended like a god and tried to take the nectar, sun and moon saw him and they informed vishnu who chopped off the head of that devil but it was too late since he had already drunk that immortal nectar, he didnt died but got split in two halves, which we know by rahu and ketu/ north node and south node. rahu is mouth of dragon and ketu is tail. since then they intercept the orbit of sun and moon and eclipse them. from vedic astrology point of view i would say that there is no need to worry or think that there is some divine force out there to punish some zodiac sign or a nakshatra in lunar mansion. my friends !! its just a natural phenomenon, natural routine work of universe. even famous personalities like " mark elliot zuckerzberg", king of italy victor emmanuel , charles vii king of france were born on the eclipse day. so why to worry ? there is a message hidden behind eclipses which we need to decode. today in this ARTICLE  iam going to reveal that secret code to you so we all can benefit from it, after knowing this secret , we all will be able to harness the eclipse energy in a more productive way. it will help you to come out of any negativity if you are still carrying along with you !
! So when an eclipse happens , it works as an agent of change which actually breaks the old energy patterns or shifting of dynamics. and it forms a new energy patterns. remember whenever there are big shifts , the new energies come into play which opens new doors for us and energize us at subtle level. Sun is our soul and Moon is our mind , in otherwords , sun eclipse brings changes related to fullfillment of karma of soul, our father, ambitions,public prestige etc where as moon eclipse brings changes related to our thoughts which help us to take a right direction , karma towards mother , healing and helping community.etc
. After the eclipse is over , we should give ourself some time to think that whats new is happening, what doors of opportunities are opening ? which doors are closed? what your subconsious mind tells you to do ? Since this channel is about holistic stuff so i would definitely like to discuss about holistic point of view:
CHAKRAS /ENERGY PORTALS: 1. sun is our soul and moon is our mind . they both represent agya chakra /third eye chakra. this chakra has power to differentiate between right and wrong situations , this chakra is our higher wisdom. during and after we should definitely meditate on our third eye /centre of forehead.this help you to analyse that which opportunity or energy pattern is right for you.
2. doing sun mudra and moon mudra balances our ida and pingala nadis which again represents our soul and mind combination/balancing of masculine and feminine energies.
3.chanting seed mantra of aum/om will help to awaken the sense of eternal happiness and clear vision.
WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO : 1.If you are going on shopping or buying anything expensive then delay it for some time until effect of eclipse finishes.
2. dont plan any surgery during this time unless its an emergency.
3. dont sign any contract papers/deals/partnership during this time.
4. dont directly look at eclipse as the rays coming from eclipse are harmful for eyes. you can use a pinhole projector to see the eclipse clearly and safely.
5.pregnent women should stay at home and avoid going outside
6. after eclipse is over, throw away left over food and drinks
. 7. if possible do fasting before and after eclipse for few hours.
8.avoid any negative habits during an eclipse instead try to read holy books.


This dosha is found in most birth charts these days. it is been said that the person having kaal sarp in birth chart will face troubles in life ,especially financial problems! so this person is not capable to grow and get success in life.To understand this let me tell you first  how kaal sarp dosha forms. 
when all planets in a chart are in between the axis of rahu (north node) and ketu (south node).then kaal sarp dosha happens. in more detail i would say that  if a planet say example mercury and rahu are in a house together  and mercury is at 20 degree and rahu is at 20.9 degree then this is a kaal sarp dosh or if mercury is at 22 degree and rahu at 21 degree then there is no kaal sarp dosh.this is how an astrologer decides the kaal sarp dosh in birth chart. there is another point that most planets stay for longer time in chart and only moon is fastest planet  which changes sign in every 2.5 days, there fore it takes 15 days to come out of the trap of rahu ketu axis , Now if we think logically that while moon was in between rahu ketu axis  for 15 days , during this time millions of kids born in world with this dosha, SO does that mean ,these all kids will suffer a miserable life ? This sounds like funny!!. 
In addition to that astrologers are making new kinds of kaal sarp dosha, in my knowledge i know about 288 different types of Kaal Sarp Doshas, and there are even more ..
REALITY :  The reality of kaal sarp dosh is some thing different,
actually while doing a prediction we look into the placement of planets  like a regular placements, their degree power, what nakshatra they are in , what sign, any good or bad aspects on them.and more things .. so its not just a bad placement  if all planets comes in between axis of  rahu ketu , instead its  based on the true strength of planets.
there fore kaal sarp if in good signs and well placements then it becomes a yoga or if not then it can be a regular birth chart or below average chart.
These all astrologers are trying to target innocent people and scare them from this stupid dosha which even does not make any sense to any one, its merely a money making business for astrologers!! and pundits!!
please dont get misguided and use your own mind , after reading this article , i believe that my all  viewers will understand reality and save them from robbers


9 years back,when i was wandering to different astrologers  for my betterment in profession and finance etc etc, most of them adviced me with different gem stones which were pretty expensive .
one reknowed aastrologer of the city recommended me to wear a coral . i wore it for months and years , then some one recommended me with blue saphhire ,an d so on...
i did all possible cleansing and siddhi ceremonies from good pundits.but my profession life and financial position was still in downfall..
the only thing i gained in this time was a lesson to control your mind from getting distracted, 
SO what does the gemstones did for me ,? at least they didnt improved my financial and professional growth, i was standing on same platform again!!