Many of us staying or born abroad want to keep connected with their roots . For them iam sharing a very auspicious day called Akshaya Tritiya. In vedic astrology, akshaya tritiya has its own special place. All festivals we celebrate has some puranic story behind it which gives a spiritual message to the whole human race.Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated in india among hindu and jain community. Its significance lies in its name , AKSHYA means the one which can never stop or end and TRITIYA means the third lunar day of vaisakh month (new year of hindu calender).This is the best time to take important decisions related to everyday work as well as spiritual development. to take full advantage , it is advisable to buy gold, silver etc, signing a contract, starting a book etc on this day. anything started on this day with full devotion , will never stop giving its positive results. Donating to needy people on this day is also very auspicious and adds to your good karma.

on this day , moon is in its 3rd lunar day and exhalted ,sun is also in its exhaltation sign of aries.This day is celebrated by worshipping lord vishnu and goddess laxmi. There is a mythological story behind this day. During the time of exile of pandavas, one day lord krishna visited pandavas in jungle. Krishna came from long journey and was hungry, so he asked Draupadi for food, draupadi sadly said that they have just one grain of rice left and nothing else. Lord krishna smiled and honoured that grain as food. He then blessed pandavas with a magical pot called AKSHYA . this pot is said to have never ending food supply, enough to feed all pandavas during exile. Ever since then people celebrate this day by worshipping vishnu for giving us uninterrupted supply of food and necessary things in our life.

Also on this day , sixth incarnation of lord vishnu was born whom we know by the name of khsatriya brahmin ie. lord PARSHURAM . Lord parshuram had saved human race from kshatriyas and demons who were killing innocents at that time.

Astrological importance : on this day , moon is in its exhalted place in Mrigshira nakshatra and sun is also exhalted in Bharani nakshatra. in vedic astrology, moon is our mind and sun is our soul . on this day , our mind and soul are at horizon ie. they are merging together. sun in bharani indicate rejuvination of soul/new energy in soul and moon in Mrigshira indicates the perfect use of mind and intellect to win over the illusions in mind. This year , on this day , moon is in 3rd lunar day ie. waxing crecent phase .This day is monday which is the moon's own day !!. Moon is in the process of regeneration. After this , moon start becoming bigger and reaches to full moon. Regeneration of moon is like sowing a seed of hope and all efforts with your passion and devotion,faith in a work . As the moon grows bigger and brighter, our hope , power, devotion, passion , efforts also grow with it. That is why i refer it as a seed of development. On this day , if we decide to move ahead in life , signing a contract,buying expensive things etc, its results are also illuminated like moon.

On this day, many planets are retrograde: mars retrograde in scorpio, mercury retrograde in aries, saturn retrograde in scorpio Rahu and ketu are always retrograde. jupiter is going direct in Leo from this day

Have you ever thought of using retro motion/stereoscopic motion of planets in your benefit ?

Do you know how to harness this reverse energy?

iam going to discuss that how you can get best opportunities from this big cosmic ocean: Retrograde planets may sound scary and tough to some people, but astrology is not about creating fears , its all about illuminating our lives with the candle of self realization of karma. when we have a retrograde planet in transit, it means that the planet want you to look back and analyse your past karma related to that planet and make a pure honest judgement to fix the issues. this is the reason , retro planets knock on the door of our soul to give us deep insight of our inner issues which needs to be fixed.retrograde planets impact more internally than externally.

Mars retrograde in Scorpio in Anuradha nakshatra: here mars is indicating us to look back and gather the courage to stand up and restore the process of regeneration of natural 8th house. saturn being the lord of this nakshatra and natural ruler of 8th house , is setting up boundaries for mars to keep the courage and transformational energy in discipline.

Mercury retrograde in Aries in Bharani Nakshatra: here mercury is indicating us to analyse our mental capabilities , what we really need to improve in our intellect? did we had any unfinished communications in past, its the time to look back into unfinished tasks and deal with them using your communication abilities.Bharani nakshatra is a star of restraint . Mercury naturally rules 3rd house and 6th house of kaal purush .it is also indicating us to analyse your working enviroment and use your communication and ideas to unlock the door of karma to bring a new life into these houses.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in Jyeshtha Nakshatra : Here saturn is indicating us to look into pending 8th house matters. scorpio represents natural 8th house . Jyeshtha means elder/supreme/superior. saturn represents hard work and self efforts , this nakshatra also demands self efforts to achieve the highest point in this house of deep secrets and transformation.saturn here makes us realize the importance of self respect ,discipline, self confidence in proving ourself through inner transformation.

Jupiter is going direct on this day in Leo in Purva phalguni nakshatra : jupiter is a divine planet. jupiter here in leo is indicating us to move ahead with our love matters with full loyality and promise. this nakshatra represents marriage bond, lord shiva had married in this nakshatra. lord of this star is venus which is a significator of new creations/new life./pleasure/fun.its the time to create something new in your life and to serve it with full devotion and loyality along with enjoying all pleasures in a philosophical way.

Ayurvedic perspective : sun ,mercury,venus, are in Bharani nakshatra in aries sign. aries and this nakshatra represent pitta dosha . eating balanced diet, avoiding spicy food, avoiding alcohol and doing cobra pose in yoga can bring pitta dosha in balance. Holistic chakra system : working on retrograde planets through chakra healing /balancing , help to direct the retrograde energy in to useful direction. meditating on vishudhi chakra, anahata chakra, manipura chakra will help to soothe the body .

you can also recite seed mantra: vishudhi/throat chakra: HAM Anahata /heart chakra:YAM Manipura/navel chakra : RAM

Transits keep changing , motion of planets change too, i will keep you all posted about transits in future.Enjoy this auspicious day and get endless blessings . written by - vikrant sharma